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It is not hidden that we are entirely dependent on our feet for most of the things or rather all the things that we do on a daily basis like walking, running, playing, dancing, etc.


So don’t you think it needs our little attention.



 Who am I?

I am Brandon R. Katz, A nurse by occupation and morning athlete. I was diagnosed with Plantar fasciitis by podiatrist three years ago, so I know how It feels when someone stabs a knife into your feet or how badly inflammation in feet can hurt your daily routine. But using some simple stretching exercises and other nonsurgical treatments, I have attained Painless feet, and I want to help you too for the same.




Why Feetfitness.com?

If you have ever experienced foot pain, you know it’s not a joke. Whether it is blistering from tight fitting shoes or plantar fasciitis, pain in feet can steal you smile. It becomes challenging to take a single step. Neglecting foot care can damage your feet, and create more complex problems. Now if you are wondering about d whereabouts to get the answer to all your questions regarding your feet, trust me the best place is FEETFITNESS.COM


Feetfitness.com is entirely based on the experience of myself and my team (team of nurse and my family members),  each and every article is tested and researched before publishing so you guys can rely on us.


Feetfitness.com  have a very dedicated team, and every member of the team is working day in and day out to serve you by making you familiar wid all the easy domestic remedies for your feet problems, different stretches and different exercise to make your feet beautiful and healthy. We will suggest you best shoes, sneakers, sandal, slippers and flip-flops according to the need of your feet and also loads of other interesting facts about your feet about which you were unaware yet.


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