Best Rocker Bottom Shoes

While shoes are sure known to define a man’s personality, choosing the best shoe, especially for leg and feet support can be confusing. People these days suffer from arthritic pain and plantar fasciitis that makes it difficult for them to sustain over the day with an uncomfortable set of shoes.

That’s when rocker bottom shoes come to the rescue. These are stylish, appear like normal sneakers but provide superior stability. However, choosing the right brand and quality that suits your feet and any associated joint pain can be quite a task considering there are so many features to look for in a shoe.

There’s nothing to worry about, as we have shortlisted the best rocker bottom shoes for you to feel easy on your feet as well as provide a detailed guide on how to choose the rocker bottom shoes online.


10 Best Rocker Bottom Shoes 2021

Gravity Defyer Proven Pain Relief Women’s G-Defy Mighty Walk

Gravity Defyer Proven Pain Relief Women's G-Defy Mighty Walk

For all those women out there who complain of pain and pressure on their heels and feet all day, the Gravity Defyer Pain Relief Women’s G-Defy Mighty Walk – Shoes are perfect and have been proven to provide all-round support from plantar fasciitis, arthritis, and other knee and joint-related problems. While prevention and support are the keys to recovering such leg associated ailments, these shoes by G-Defy are the one-stop-shop solution to all the pain and discomfort. This is because these shoes come with a rigid midsole and an additional heel cup to relieve the pressure of your plantar fascia whereas the ergonomically designed rocker bottom rubber sole support reduces the strain with every step and also adds to the flexibility of the shoes.

Be it support, stability, motion control, or shock absorption, these shoes can offer all of that. The unique and their very own patented VersoShock Shock Absorbing Sole Technology reduces the impact and increases the shock absorbance. The VersoCloud Spring Cell Technology is built in the shoe to support high impact movements and the VersoShock Sole. The heel cup and midsole reduce fascia stress and provide additional support. These shoes are also designed in such a way that they possess a front rolling mechanism that reduces the stress on your feet by primarily isolating the 30 joints and 100 muscles from harm.

The shoes also provide enhanced lateral stabilization that improves your gait and stability while walking. It features an extra depth interior along with removable insoles that allow you to replace these with custom orthotics or professional-grade G comfort orthotics for added stability. Relieve yourself of pain and discomfort in every possible way with the new G-Defy Mighty Walk made for the Mighty Women!!



  • Medically Proven to provide support for plantar fasciitis and arthritis
  • Solid midsole with a supportive heel cup
  • Superior shock absorption for high impact activities
  • Replaceable insoles for customization as per comfort


  • The shoes could have been softer and not very rigid as per certain users


New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam 1080 V10

New Balance Men's Fresh Foam 1080 V10

With the superior blend of synthetic and mesh fabric, these shoes by New Balance are the perfect epitome of stylish and comfort combined. It weighs barely a few grams that makes it almost featherlike and feels like your second skin blending in just right with your feet while the blown rubber outsole gives you superior rebound and flexibility.

The upper heel construction called the bootie construction provides an extremely snug fit equally supporting the heel as well as the base feet. The synthetic and mesh material has been engineered to provide quality comfort at all costs. The midsole has a fresh foam cushioning that provides an ultra-comfortable and lightweight step each time. It also reduces the pressure and energy to be expanded by your feet with each step.

The laser engraving on the midsole also helps in providing adequate flexibility. The upper layer of the shoes has a hypo knit finish that is capable of providing stretch and support just at the right areas of flexion. From bold to mild and soft colour, these shoes also have a stylish range of colours and designs available.

The cushion inserts are there to provide ortholite comfort that makes it suitable for people with orthopedic conditions as well as leg pain. It provides a superior level of moisture control as well to prevent sogginess and sweat within the shoes maintaining the hygiene of your feet. These shoes are perfect for your daily set of routine activities and a perfect part of the exercise, jogging, or even long hours of standing.


  • Provides good plushness and comfort to your sole
  • Detailed stitching for added stability and style
  • Blended fabric for superior comfort and breathability
  • Good for long-lasting use


  • The shoes are not delivered true to size at times


Skechers Women’s Shape Ups 2.0 Comfort Stride Fashion Sneaker

Skechers Women's Shape Ups 2.0 Comfort Stride Fashion Sneaker

Skechers Women’s Shape Ups Comfort Stride Fashion Sneaker is probably one of the best and the most intricately designed pair of shoes that is quite advanced in terms of its design as well as the features it has to offer. It has a faux trubuck leather upper layer combined with a ripstop texture mesh fabric at the side panels as well as the front to provide a comfortable and breathable effect.

The 4 lace-up closures provide a very snug fitting to keep your legs feeling stable. The pull loop comes for easy on and off wear along with the shoes. You don’t need to tie them up. The collars and the tongues are padded and the memory foam cushion comfort insoles make sure to provide you all-day support.

It also comes with a kinetic soft wedge midsole that helps in shock absorption and makes the shoes perfect for high impact activities. The sculpted rubber rocker bottom outsole provides superior traction and flexibility for extreme activities be it athletics or walking. These stylish and comfortable pair of shoes from Skechers provide stability and comfort beyond expectations and look as stylish as any regular pair of sneakers.

The stitching accents on these shoes are bold and give it a very unique appearance. It also features a contrast coloured edging and side stripe detailing. The shoe lining has an overall soft fabric that makes it comfortable for all-day activity.

The polyurethane frame of the shoes are very firm and support your feet to the fullest. The midsole measures just under 2 inches at the highest point of any women’s general shoe size of 6 or 7. The sneaker-like shoes are extremely light with a design that adds to its value.


  • Perfect wear for athletes
  • Very firm polyurethane frame for added support
  • Ripstop mesh fabric provides cooling and all-day comfort
  • Stylish design and no lace-ups making it easy to slip in


  • The shoes could have been better in terms of durability


HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Bondi 6

HOKA ONE ONE Men's Bondi 6

These road shoes by HOKA have a comfortable cushion that is worth sustaining for the entire day and is perfectly adapted for everyday use due to the ultralight EVA midsole that provides lightweight comfort for daily running and walking. It has a bevelled heel design to add to the stability of the shoes and comes with meta rocker bottoms to ensure superior gait stability and traction.

The upper finish of the shoes is extremely soft and durable as they are made of leather and the overall design of the shoes are extremely wide to add to stability and comfort, especially for the wide-legged people. With so much these shoes have to offer, they are perfect for all-day comfort even for those suffering from leg pain and athletic injuries or issues.

The upper design of the shoe is such that it offers a very streamlined design due to the leather and the mesh fabric. The mesh also adds to the breathability and comfort of the shoes. These pairs of running and walking shoes are available in a range of colours that have a rich and unique class and appearance about themselves that add to the style and comfort of the shoe.

These shoes apart from a comfortable midsole possess some additional prescriptive technologies It gives neutral support making it good for regular as well as specialized use. The plush cushion is also easy to adjust to reduce the break-in period. These shoes are perfect for running and intense activity.


  • Very comfortable for wide-legged people
  • Beveled heel design to add to the stability and gait while running or walking
  • High bed cushioning for added comfort
  • Light and featherlike movement


  • The shoes need to be handled with extreme care for long lastingness


Skechers Women’s Shape Ups XF

Skechers Women's Shape Ups XF

The Skechers Women’s Shape Ups are perfect examples of MBT shoes that are aimed to activate your muscles as well as tone them and support them for intense activities. These shoes specifically have a soft kinetic wedge sole that supports movement in any form. It has a rocker bottom sole that ensures a good heel to toe walking stride making you feel roll through each step.

These shoes are made of 100% leather fabric that is waterproof, flexible, and add to the durability of the shoe. It has a lace tying feature that helps in a snug fit as per your ease whereas the rubber outsole ensures superior traction and flexibility. The toe region of the shoe is wide enough that makes it quite comfortable for people who have wide feet. These shape-ups also come with extra cushioning and comfort especially for people who require support for standing all day.

It is specially made for people with plantar fasciitis and arthritis of the ankle and feet who cannot compromise on their comfort. Certain users claim the fact that these shoes are extremely bulky especially for women and for running activities. The comfort and cushioning are great but the weight of the shoe may put you off with a few days of use.

These rocker bottom shoes are quite great for athletics as well as daily wear, but they are best kept for daily use and for hours of standing more than a sporty use. The midsoles being contoured in shape adds to the overall stability and balanced support to the feet. The breathable mesh fabric prevents your feet from getting sweaty and keeps your legs feeling fresh and hygienic.

The rocker sole claims to provide extreme stability and balance maintaining your overall gait and style. It also prevents traction so you can find stability over walking across any surface. The super-soft foam kinetic wedge is shock-absorbing that works great for impactful activities as well.



  • Great for muscle toning and leg workouts
  • Provides support for long hours of standing
  • Soft foam kinetic wedge provides good shock absorbance
  • Perfect striding like movement while walking


  • Shoes are not very durable
  • May strain your knees in the long run


New Balance Men’s 928 V3

New Balance Men's 928 V3

The New Balance Men’s 928 V3 are a perfect example of consistency, style, and support for your feet giving you all the well-deserved comfort and support for walking or jogging. These shoes technically combine 3 types of technologies that make it stand apart from the rest.

The first technology boasts of the walking strike path that is a technology specifically designed for motion control that makes sure it does not pressurize your feet much as well as reduces the impact and movement on your feet. It guides your foot into a free-floating movement pattern.

The second technology is the roll bar stability technology that helps in stabilizing the rear foot to make sure that the walking motion is steady and consistent. The ABZORB insert uses the ABZORB technology to make sure that the cushioning provided is plush and comfortable but also adds to the stability.

The technology also makes sure to prevent the kind of compression that may make you feel uncomfortable. The shoes are always true to size and you would never need to adjust or recheck the dimensions once ordered. These are available in multiple colour variants and size ranges of 7 inches to 16 inches for wide and narrow leg variants as well.

The endurance outsole is made of rubber ensuring durability as well as flexibility and providing superior quality traction at all times. These shoes also provide additional underfoot comfort to ensure that you can sustain through long hours of work with ease. These shoes are comfortable and supportive for all-day wear and support people with foot pain and various arthritic conditions.

The Phantom Liner interior is constructed in such a way that it has minimal seams that do not rub against your feet to cause any discomfort. The shoes come with an odour-resistant treatment that keeps your feet feeling fresh and hygienic and reduces irritation making them comfortable for all-day wear.


  • Minimal seam line for less irritation to feet
  • Combines various unique technologies for added comfort
  • Longer hours of sustenance due to underfoot comfort
  • Has odour-resistant treatment to make your feet feeling fresh


  • Not true to size
  • The shoes are extremely hard and may hurt your feet


Skechers Sport Men’s Shape Ups XT

Best Rocker Bottom Shoes

These stylish sneaker-like shoes provide you all-day comfort with the snug-fitting and support making it best for conditions like plantar fasciitis, and act as perfect double rockers as well as ankle joint rockers for your joints and overall leg support. These shoes comprise a rubber rocker bottom outsole, specially made to be extremely durable and tough for all kinds of terrains and surfaces.

The insole has memory foam reducing your break-in period to the shoe drastically and making sure your comfort is next level. It makes the shoes customized to your foot in no time. These rocker bottom shoes look just like any other stylish regular shoes and are available in 3 colour variants as well as multiple size variants ranging right from 7 inches to 13 inches. It may however not have narrow and wide variants available which may make it difficult for people with wide legs to look for size.

These shoes are technically made of textile and faux leather blended with synthetic fiber for added durability and flexibility while exercising or any stretching and other activities. The synthetic overlay adds to the protection of the frontal part of the shoe. The mesh fabric at the heel and tongue panel make sure you get the extra cooling effect and do not feel compressed while wearing the shoe.

It also has padding on the collar and tongue region that provides additional comfort and cushioning to your overall feet. It comprises a firm polyurethane frame that supports the overall structure of the shoe with a connected soft foam midsole that provides superior shock absorption and reduces the impact on your feet during intense activity.


  • Memory foam insole for a reduced break-in period and quality comfort
  • Cushioning at the walls and tongue region for added comfort
  • Rubber outsole provides durability and traction
  • The midsole provides shock absorption


  • Users complain that shoes provide stress on other parts of the feet
  • Not true to size at times


New Balance Men’s Suede 928v3

New Balance Men's Suede 928v3

The New Balance Men’s Suede Shoes feature a very unique design with thick straps and a stable design that offer comfort beyond expectations. It has an apron toe design with the leather extending just up till the foot region and not extending up to the toes making it a super comfortable wear.

It comes with a rubber sole that makes sure that the shoes are durable enough to sustain for years on your feet. The shoes are made of 100% synthetic material that is waterproof and does not allow any dirt or dust to stick around on the surface.

Moreover, the shoe comes with a basic and sleek design that looks stylish yet supports various people suffering from arthritis, flat feet, and much more. It has a leather-like finish but comes with the durability of synthetic cloth, with a shiny and lustrous looking metal detailing. These shoes have been supporting athletes and the common man all alike with its inbuilt stability, comfort, and style.

These shoes are available in wide and narrow variants as well ranging from several sizes being 7.5 to 15 inches. These shoes also come with removable polyurethane footbeds and have a suede upper finish. It is a medically certified shoe to help with several conditions being medical or athletic support. These shoes are perfect for redefining every style and stand out in terms of performance as well as support.


  • Broad leather straps for better stability and support
  • Suede upper finish that is waterproof and looks stylish
  • Flexible rubber outsole
  • Padded collar for ease at ankle support


  • The quality of the shoes have deteriorated as claimed by certain users
  • Not true to size at times


HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Clifton 4 Running Shoe

Best Rocker Bottom Shoes

The HOKA Clifton 4 Running Shoes is one of the best known award-winning shoes, version 4 of this shoe especially feeling very light and having an almost weightless soul. Due to its lightweight construction, the shoes make your movements faster and more efficient, given the HOKA Clifton Lineage maintains its mark in terms of quality.

The core of these shoes has HOKA’s famed midsole geometrical construction that comprises an upgraded foam package to ensure comfortable and long term cushioning for whole day use while also increasing the lifespan of the shoe. The construction of the forefoot gets even more generous as it is very adaptive thereby reducing the break-in period of the shoe altogether.

Additionally, the outer fabric has a superior mesh construction to increase the comfort and the breathability of the shoe as well as enhance the support. The puffy frame looks big and comfortable but adds to the lightweight frame and detailed support. It has a molded ortholite sock liner that supports the whole of your leg apart from the feet.

The shoe also features a full EVA midsole that increases the shock absorbance capacity of the shoes as well as adds to the comfort. The EVA midsole has the signature HOKA ONE ONE cushioning. The heels are not very high, just appropriately sized to not provide imbalance.

The overall flat waisted construction makes sure that your gait is stable throughout. The entire shoe outsole touches the ground thereby providing full ground support. The shoe also has strategically used high abrasion rubber zones that reduce the overall weight of the shoe and make it flexible as well as durable.

With breathable mesh material, superior sole design, and low break-in period, this shoe is perfect for supporting your feet for arthritis and plantar fasciitis.


  • Weightless design
  • Moderate heel height for ease of balance
  • Breathable mesh fabric for comfort
  • Sporty and attractive design and looks
  • Provides additional balance with full ground support


  • The arch height is higher than may hurt the insides of your feet upon constant rubbing
  • Not true to size
  • The outer material cannot sustain rough use


Exersteps Men’s Whirlwind Black Sneakers

Exersteps Men's Whirlwind Black Sneakers

Looks as classy as a sneaker but does the perfect job of being one of the best rocker bottom shoes in tow, the Exersteps Men’s Whirlwind Black Sneakers are available in two solid and basic colours but their comfort is not so basic and quite unbeatable. The upper material is made of leather that is durable and waterproof as well as comfortable for tedious levels of activity.

It looks classy as a sports shoe but performs way beyond. It has a very lightweight midsole that claims to provide a superior level of shock absorbance to reduce the pain and pressure on your feet. It has a moulded sock design that provides long-lasting comfort and cushioning whereas the non-marking sole construction is perfect for making it durable and providing adequate traction on any terrain.

These rocker bottom shoes or stylish sneakers have received some impeccable reviews from people, more specifically from people suffering from foot associated conditions. It works for toe associated pain and toes degeneration as well. These rocker bottom shoes by Exersteps promise to take the pressure off your toes providing adequate relief at the tip of your foot.

The insole is quite grippy and does not slip off or make you lose balance or stability in any way. These shoes are also known to be working for athletes in muscle development and muscle toning exercises due to their flexibility of movement with any kind of activity. It also improves your overall style and gait when it comes to walking or running. These shoes are quite the solution for people suffering from forefoot problems.


  • Leather material for added durability
  • Helps in muscle relaxation during workouts
  • Moulded sole construction for added traction and comfort


  • The shoes are not as flexible as claimed and the construction is too rigid
  • The soles are very hard



How to Choose Best Rocker Bottom Shoes

Rocker Bottom Shoes have a very thick inner sole to provide ultimate support whereas the top portion of the shoes protrudes towards the inside making a steep curve to provide an angle to your toes giving it a rocker-like movement with each step you take.

While there are a gazillion types of shoes available online, choosing the best rocker bottom shoes essentially requires you to consider a plethora of features. We have listed the most significant ones for you to consider while buying the best rocker bottom shoes.


Size & Comfort

Size is one of the primary aspects to determine the overall comfort levels of the shoe especially for people suffering from arthritis, plantar fasciitis, Supination, etc. It is always advisable to refer to the size chart before buying any shoe and specifically compare your foot size as per the US or UK size mentioned.

If the size of the shoe is not appropriately chosen, you may end up receiving a pair of extremely large shoes that can easily slip off your feet or an extremely small pair of shoes that can make your legs feel compressed and uncomfortable for use over the day causing pain and discomfort.

Moreover, if your feet size lies between a range of sizes as mentioned on the reference chart, it is always better to go for a size larger for better movement, breathability, and overall comfort.


Types of Rocker Bottom Sole

Depending upon your medical condition, the rocker bottom shoes can have various types of soles and different designs as well to support your feet in a particular way. The various types are:


Toe off Rocker

These types of soles have been designed in such a way that the impact on the metatarsophalangeal joints (MTP) is less and that there is no unwanted movement that the MTP joints may have to go through whereas the interphalangeal joints push off the most distant point of contact on the foot. This type of sole is good especially for people who suffer from mild drop foot or have limited mobility on their toes.


MTP Joint Rocker

As the name mentions, this type of sole in rocker bottom shoes is especially for those who want to limit the movement on their MTP joints. This is beneficial for people who have arthritis, especially of the forefoot which causes limited mobility.


Ankle Joint Rocker

Ankle joint rocker type of insoles have an indent or extra apex at the heel and are especially supportive for those who have arthritis of the ankle or at the joint of the ankle and have limited mobility of their foot due to ankle pain. It is good for high impact on the heels on hard surfaces as it prevents the pain due to such impact.


Double Rocker Sole

Double rocker type of insoles is beneficial for those who have mobility issues due to the middle foot area, mainly plantar fasciitis who require proper cushioning and support on the area that lacks the arch on their feet.


Metatarsal Head Rocker

Metatarsal head rocker insoles reduce the impact on the start points of the metatarsal region of the feet as it remains protected from pressure and pain due to high-intensity activities. This insole type works best for people who have neuromas or callous.


Negative Heel Rocker

This has a unique design as the top portion of the shoe is directed towards the shin in a negative direction and hence the name. This sole type is best for those people who have plantar fasciitis, heavy calluses, and chronic foot overloads.



Rocker bottom shoes have to ensure that they serve the purpose apart from featuring a unique design. This depends upon several factors like the stability provided and the suitable design as well as the outsoles and supportive midsoles or insoles that can provide relief from a medical condition in the foot.

These shoes should overall possess a thick rocker sole that adapts well to your feet to provide the gait and comfort with every step. The curved design of the rocker bottom shoes ensures stability and balance.



Rocker bottom shoes sure are a heavy investment and you want to make sure it lasts for quite some time. You have to keenly observe and consider several features like the closures, the material, and the upper material to determine the durability of the rocker bottom shoes. Make sure that the closures are made of strong materials and that the laces or straps can sustain heavy and tight tugging when you tighten the shoe.

If it has straps, look for a shoe that has thick straps over thin and thick laces over thin ones. Reading the features of the shoes as we have mentioned helps you make a better choice. The shoes should also be water-resistant that depends upon the material used. Good quality leather and mesh usually have a water-resistant coating that does not allow water droplets to stick around thereby causing it to dry easily and sustaining in snowy and wet areas.

Another factor for considering the durability is the upper fabric that should be made of canvas, leather, or mesh materials and it should be thick enough to sustain any stretching. It should also be breathable enough to not allow any odor due to sweat or pathogens. This keeps the shoes hygienic for use and your feet safe.

The upper layer should also be properly attached to the sole of the shoe and should have strong stitches at the seams to make sure the layers are in place. Read our reviews to find out more.


Traction and Shock Absorption

Be it any surface, oily or snowy, the shoes must have superb traction and provide a solid grip while walking or running through slippery surfaces. If the material is waterproof and the shoes are non-slippery, this makes it suitable for all-season wear.

Moreover, the soles should be constructed and placed in such a way that any high impact activity should not affect the nerves of your feet and cause a sharp stinging sensation due to nerve shock. In the case of a good rocker bottom shoe, the product itself must absorb all the pressure and shock for you thereby reducing the impact on your legs. This can be determined by the quality of the soles.



Are rocker bottom shoes safe?

Rocker shoes have solely been made and designed to support your feet especially if you are suffering from a condition. However, certain studies and evidence states that it causes balance, gait, and stability issues as well as increases the pressure on your knees while reducing it on your toes and foot.

Especially when running or doing any high impact activity, research proves that the overall impact on the knees has been higher. Therefore, these should only be used as temporary relief with proper exercise and treatment as their long term use can wear out other parts of your leg. The design may take time for you to adjust, increasing the break-in period of the shoe and the balance provided is not quite reliable.


Are rocker sole shoes good for your feet?

Yes! Rocker shoes are fantastic for your feet especially if you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, neuromas, calluses, or even arthritis of the ankle. Their extremely thick soles provide optimum comfort and shock absorption to support your feet and relieve you of pain. They are proven to relieve several mechanical pains or joint motions, reduces the ground reactive forces, and aids in the harmony of movement with each step.


What is the meaning of MBT?

MBT is a technology and stands for Masai Barefoot Technology and was invented by Karl Muller in the 1990s. This has been designed keeping in mind the pain that flat and soft surfaces can cause on the feet, the knees as well as the back by walking barefoot on such surfaces.

Therefore, he decided to invent shoes with a curved sole inspired by some ideas from the Kenyan Masai Tribesmen that would help in reducing pain in the overall feet as well as the back. Shoes developed with this technology have no heel and the movement of these shoes mimics the rocking motion done by your feet.



Shoes are like a second skin to us. We need them for stability and all-day support. But various shoes these days come with superior cushioning and promise to provide comfort just like Rocker Bottom Shoes. These are made for improving our stability and gait as well as relieving us of pain associated with arthritis or any joint or muscle injury.

We did some tremendous research on the various rocker bottom shoes and concluded that the best of all is the Gravity Defyer G-Defy Mighty Walk Pain Relief Shoes. These shoes are medically proven to relieve pain for women and are equipped with some tremendous support technologies for sustaining athletic performance as well as intense activity. It also provides superior shock absorbance along with spring support.

Read our reviews on the best rocker bottom shoes and tell us which one supports your feet and muscles the best!!

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