Best Shoes For Cashiers

You might be wondering that a cashier’s job is a cakewalk and that they would not be requiring any kind of special shoes to be standing all day at one place. However, sustaining and remaining in one position, standing and catering to customer’s needs all day is not an easy task and the first step starts by getting them the right pair of shoes.

There are no custom-made shoes for cashiers but there are various aspects like the size, the arch support for all-day support, and the cushioning that come into the picture before choosing the right pair for cashiers.

Therefore, we decided to take a step further and have reviewed the best shoes for cashiers that are apt for all-day use and support.


Best Shoes For Cashiers

List of the Best Shoes for Cashiers

  • Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure
  • Skechers Men’s Expected Avillo Relaxed-Fit
  • Skechers Women’s D’Lites
  • adidas Men’s Kaptur
  • Skechers Women’s Ghenter Bronaugh
  • Clarks Women’s CloudSteppers Sillian Paz
  • TIOSEBON Women’s Athletic Walking Shoes


Top 10 Best Shoes For Cashiers

Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure

Adidas Women's Cloudfoam Pure

There is no better pair than this range of shoes from Adidas that women could probably dream of! A versatile and stylish looking pair with an extremely plush and comfortable fit for all-day use, these could probably be the best kind of shoes for retail shop workers and cashiers for standing and being on their feet all day.

Not just that, they can be paired with almost any attire and work as a superiorly stylish and comfortable pair of shoes. Made of 100% textile fabric, these sneakers are extremely breathable. The stretchable mesh material adds to the comfort and ventilation of your feet and keeps them sweatproof and fresh all-day.

It has an insole that has a memory foam cushioning that reduces the break-in period and feels almost like a snug sock on your feet. This adds to the stability of these shoes and provides an amazing step-in feeling. Up for a coffee date or going for a jog or simply for a walk, these shoes make the perfect companion for any woman and is a specifically designed shoe for a woman’s feet.

The platform measures around 0-3 inches and the boot opening measures around 6-12 inches that makes it comfortable to slip on and off from your feet and is also suitable for people with wide feet. These shoes are also suitable for athletes and everyday runners and the rubber outsole has a traction design that is slip-proof and good for stability. Make these shoes your best friend and they are sure to stick around with you for all-day comfort!!


  • Breathable mesh and textile fabric
  • Memory foam insole for easy adjustment
  • Wide boot opening suitable for bigger sizes
  • Cloudfoam memory sock liner for a snug-fitting


  • The shoes are not quite durable as claimed


Skechers Men’s Expected Avillo Relaxed-Fit

Skechers Men's Expected Avillo Relaxed-Fit

Skechers is an award-winning brand of shoes and is best known to manufacture some amazing lifestyle footwear that not only looks good but blends in with your style and individual needs of the feet. Be it any foot deformities or pain due to long hours of standing, Skechers is a custom made shoe designed to cater to all your needs.

This trendy looking pair of loafers are not only easy and convenient to use due to their slip in design but are very comforting to the feet as well. The shape easily adjusts to most feet types and the inner footbed is extremely comforting as it is made of dual lite material that is perforated. This adds to the breathability of the shoes as well as provides decent levels of support to your arch and feet region.

The gel-infused high rebound memory foam does not make your feet feel tired due to long hours of standing but instead returns the energy to your feet to bounce back and stay active throughout the day.

The molded dual lite base material is shock absorbing as well as supportive to the midsole and the insole. The insole is made of a moisture-wicking fabric that is sweat and smell proof and keeps your feet feeling and smelling fresh throughout the day. It has stitches on the outside that gives it a rugged design but at the same time adds to the durability of these shoes.

The outsole has a slip-resistant design and has a treading pattern that is made to provide good traction and stability to your feet. The padded and cushioned collars and the moderately padded tongue region is very supportive to the feet and do not rub against your skin making them the perfect to-go shoes for any task.


  • Extra wide for men and women with wide feet
  • Medium height heel for stability and gait
  • Memory foam for a reduced break-in period
  • Canvas material is breathable and durable


  • The shoes may feel very stiff at first and are not very flexible


Skechers Women’s D’Lites

Skechers Women's D'Lites

Your feet are sure to receive some never imagined comfort with these Skechers Women’s D’Lites pair which is truly a delight to your feet. These shoes have a very unique design starting right from the outsole to the upper layer design and the overall looks of the shoes are sure to make heads turn with each step.

The leather upper fabric has a very smooth finish and is accompanied by synthetic overlays along with a metallic edging trim that makes them flexible, durable, and look stylish with any attire.

When talking about the style quotient of these shoes, they are available in a range of attractive colours and designs with a varied yet aggressive pattern on the outsole that provides good traction and is slip-resistant for all-day use. These sneakers have a lace-up construction to provide a secure fitting to your feet whereas there are loops for pulling from the back as well as on the tongue section that makes them easy to slip out and wear in.

It has a round toe construction that provides enough room for your feet and the durable reinforcement area around the feet makes the shoes last longer from the forefront section as well. this makes them puncture-proof and tear-resistant adding to the life and years of these extremely agile and stylish pair of sneakers.

The collar and the tongue section is highly cushioned for all-day standing comfort that works well for a profession like that of store retailers and cashiers. The logo accents at the tongue and the heel section add to the classic looks of the shoes whereas the soft fabric lining enhances the comfort of these shoes.

The midsole is extremely light and has a shock-absorbing design that makes it very supportive for your feet. The outsole that is made of rubber provides superior traction. Make sure you refer to the size chart before you choose to buy this extremely stylish and comfortable range of shoes from Skechers D’Lite.


  • Supportive and durable midsole
  • Aggressive outsole design for superior traction
  • Leather upper for additional comfort and water resistance
  • Memory foam cushioning for a reduced break-in period


  • Not very good and supportive of people with arthritis


Adidas Men’s Kaptur

Adidas Men's Kaptur

Sleek, stylish, comfortable, and athletic, these shoes from Adidas Men’s Kaptur Series have a very modern finish with a mesh knit upper fabric and the contoured design adds to your speed while walking and running providing a very snug fitting to your feet as well. These shoes almost feature a sock-like fitting and are extremely comfortable with a pillow-soft cushioning that is good for providing comfort for all-day use.

These shoes are extremely light on your feet and provide a versatile style and a decent range of colours. These shoes have been scientifically engineered to provide a snug-fitting to your feet. Moreover, it has a low top design that provides space for movement for your ankle as well as provides enough cushioned support for your arch.

It also serves well for hours of standing although the size is not extremely perfect. However, it is not much of a concern as the comfort is beyond any other feature and is quite unbeatable for these pair of shoes by Adidas. The upper knit mesh fabric adds to the breathability of these shoes, keeping your feet well ventilated. It also has a pullover flap at the back that helps you to pull off the slip on the shoes almost easily. Moreover, it has added laces for providing a comfortable and snug-fitting.

The inner sole is also well-cushioned for hours of standing. The insole reduces the break-in period of these shoes and has memory foam that adjusts to the shape of your feet. These are quite worth the price and quality and also slip-proof due to the treading pattern at the outsole. The overall design of the shoe is very flexible and bendable making them versatile and a great pair for athletes as well.


  • Great range of colours and designs available
  • Great for athletic people
  • Cushioning is capable of providing hours of support
  • Sock-like snug fitting


  • The outsole is not very durable
  • The straps are not very stretchable


Skechers Women’s Ghenter Bronaugh

Skechers Women's Ghenter Bronaugh

The Ghenter Bronaugh range from Skecher’s is made of very soft mesh fabric and has flexible synthetic overlays that make them very breathable and durable. The fabric is water-resistant as well as stain-resistant and the shoes come with a full lace-up closure to provide a very snug fitting to these shoes. There is a light amount of heel fabric overlay that makes the shoes fit extremely well from the back providing a tight and stable fit and the pull tab at the back offers the ease of wearing and pulling off the shoes in a jiffy.

The interiors of these shoes are mildly cushioned which provides support for all-day standing whereas the insole is extremely soft and has a memory foam that reduces the overall break-in period of these shoes making them fairly easy to use and adjust to. These shoes from Skechers are available in 3 colour variants, that look basic yet stylish with any attire.

The outsole has a very aggressive design that almost slip-resistant and the outer fabric is very flexible making these shoes extremely mobile and user friendly. They provide an overall amazing level of fitting and comfort for women and makes for a great pair of shoes for cashiers and retail workers for standing all day.


  • Mesh fabric provides good ventilation
  • Memory foam makes it easy to use
  • Medium level cushioning for all-day comfort and support
  • Flexible outer fabric


  • Not very good for providing arch support
  • The cushioning could have been better


Clarks Women’s CloudSteppers Sillian Paz

Clarks Women's CloudSteppers Sillian Paz

Clarks Women’s CloudSteppers Sillian Paz is a perfectly crafted pair of shoes and has everything good that you are looking for in a comfortable pair. It has a soft fabric lining with a synthetic nubuck upper that gives it a classy and elegant look yet a durable finish. The elastic side panels add to the durability and these shoes being loafer style are easy to slip on and off making them very convenient to use and wear.

It is very comfortable for daily use and the shoes come with a removable cushioned Ortholite footbed for all-day wear. The footbed is proven to be effectively working for people suffering from flat feet and other foot deformities. The rubber outsole is extremely elastic and durable and made of imported materials. The height of the heels is 1 inch and that of the platform is 1/4th inch making them very stable and providing a perfect gait into every step you take.

These shoes are also perfect for people with wide feet making them very roomy. The cushioning around the walls is very soft and adds to the support whereas the outsole has a moderately treaded design that provides good traction. Moreover, these shoes are available in a range of colours and designs that can match with almost any attire and make them a stylish addition to your collection of shoes.


  • Ortholite footbed provides support for people with flat feet
  • Elastic rubber outsole for flexibility
  • Soft fabric for less irritation and greater comfort
  • Good for people with wide feet


  • Certain users complain that the design of the shoes is not great


TIOSEBON Women’s Athletic Walking Shoes

TIOSEBON Women's Athletic Walking Shoes

Simple, natural, comfortable, and fashionable, these pair of snug looking sneakers from TIOSEBON are very intelligently designed to provide all-day support and comfort to women standing the whole day on their feet. It has a very sporty and convenient design that is easy to slip on and is suitable for a wide array of age groups right from teens to even elderly women, extending good support for women who have issues with long hours of standing.

It has been perfectly engineered to suit the shape of a women’s feet whereas the thick sole provides a good level of shock absorbance as well as support for all-day wear. The outsole is made of rubber is light and extremely flexible, providing the perfect bounce and stability to your gait. It has sleek looks that match up with almost any attire and the latex arched insert is very good for people who stand all day and have flat feet issues.

The mesh upper fabric is very breathable that keeps your feet sweat proof and properly ventilated whereas the pigskin insole does not smell or sweat either making them highly cushiony and supportive. It is available in a wide size as well as colour range adding to the style quotient. It has a snug-fitting collar yet a wide mouth opening that does not rub or irritate your skin.

The elastic opening makes it easy to slip the shoes in and out of your feet. The knit material is quick-drying and easy to wash thereby making them easy to maintain and extremely light on your feet. The insole is slightly raised and very breathable whereas the midsole is also extremely flexible for daily wear and tear.


  • Mesh breathable and knit fabric
  • Raised insole for arch support
  • Flexible and elastic outsole
  • Wide range of size and colour options available


  • The sole starts smelling after certain days of use
  • Not very supportive as claimed


Clarks Cheyn Madi Women’s Loafer Leather Shoes

Clarks Cheyn Madi Women's Loafer Leather Shoes

If you want to look like a well dressed professional cashier, then the Clarks Cheyn Madi Women Loafer Leather Shoes are probably the best buy for you. Casual yet a classy appearance and providing ease of slipping in as well as all-day comfort after wearing, these shoes are a perfect fit for women. It has a full-grain leather upper that makes it water-resistant as well as durable.

It has a rubber outsole that is also waterproof but may seem slightly stiff as they need to maintain the rigid looking shape of the shoes. The outsole also provides some decent level of traction for slippery floors in retail shops and the insole material is extremely sweat proof as well as very relaxing. It has a relatively wide toe box that can accommodate even bigger and wider feet sizes so your feet can remain relaxed for hours of standing.

The interior lining material is very soft that does not cause any irritation or rubbing on your feet and has a very snug and easy fitting on your legs for daily stability and comfort. These shoes are in fact, very perfect for proper heel and arch support, and the Ortholite footbed that these shoes come with provides relief to people suffering from arthritis or any other foot deformities. These are one of the best ranges of loafers that are convenient to use and comfortable for day-long use for cashiers and retail store workers.


  • Waterproof leather material
  • Available in an attractive range of leather designs
  • Formal and appealing looks
  • Ortholite insole for all-day comfort for cashiers


  • The shoes are not good for people with wide feet
  • The shoes are not very flexible


Timberland PRO Men’s 6″ Pitboss Steel-Toe Boot Shoes

Timberland PRO Men's 6 Pitboss Steel-Toe Boot Shoes

Rich looks and a comfortable experience Timberland is a brand that never disappoints in terms of durability and comfort both. These shoes from Timberland have a high shaft design to keep your feet and ankle protected. The shaft measures around 5.5 inches from the arch that is quite high and is well cushioned for extreme support and comfort throughout the day. These shoes keep your feet well covered and insulated even in the coldest of climates. The heel is approximately 1.5 inches high that maintains your gait and gives you enough stability even on the most slippery of surfaces in supermarkets and retail stores.

These steel toe boots also provide enough protection especially in the toe region and are puncture proof that increases the lifespan of these shoes. These work boots from Timberland also possess comfort suspension technology that meets the regular work demands of users and keeps them feeling comfortable all day. It also helps people who suffer from flat feet and have foot deformities like bursitis and arthritis.

These boots are designed such that they are made to reduce foot fatigue and provide enhanced job performance that improves your productivity while standing all day as a cashier. It helps those who work in the most demanding work environments and the anti-fatigue insoles reduce the pressure on your heels due to all-day standing. The craftsmanship and the designs of these shoes are impeccable and that of Timberland quality; it gives you a great feeling at your cash counter while working for long hours.


  • Leather fabric that is abrasion and waterproof
  • Comfort suspension insoles that are shock absorbing
  • High-quality footwear due to Timberland promise
  • Well-cushioned collar and inner surfaces of the shoes for a comfortable and irritation-free wear


  • The boots are not very durable as claimed
  • The outsole starts tearing apart from the midsole very easily


Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Nubuck Waterproof Slip-On Shoe

Merrell Men's Jungle Moc Nubuck Waterproof Slip-On Shoe

These shoes have a range of features added that make the Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Nubuck Waterproof Slip-On Shoe make a great pair of shoes for cashiers. It has a waterproof nubuck leather outer fabric that keeps your feet protected for the entire day and it is very elastic as well as easy to wear due to the stretchable tongue that makes it easy to slip in and slip off the shoes. The medium padded footbed is removable and comes with odor treatment that keeps your feet feeling fresh and sweatproof all day.

The walls of the shoe also have a decent level of cushioning that makes them feel soft on your feet and causes no irritation while slipping in and removing off the feet. These shoes also possess a dual-density midsole that is very supportive and the shock-absorbing insoles make these great for hours of standing that cashiers have to go through.

The grip on the outsole is great because it has a traction supporting design that is extremely supportive and provides you with good stability. The shoes have a very rugged appearance in general that goes great for work as well as a casual outing with friends or family. Team them up with a pair of jeans or even trousers for work and they are sure to provide you comfort for all-day!!


  • Waterproof leather material
  • Slip-on shoes for ease of wearing
  • Good depth for extreme support and comfort
  • Padded collar for protection, comfort, and shock absorbance


  • The shoes make a squeaky sound upon use
  • Not suitable for people with wide feet



A Cashier’s job looks very easy on the outside but hours of standing can be very taxing for anybody in any surrounding or environment. Therefore, we decided to help all those who have a lot to do by standing on their feet all day by reviewing the best shoes for cashiers.

After hours of extensive research and recommendations, we concluded that the best pair would be the Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoes. Made with a mesh breathable upper, extremely lightweight, and comes with a durable and flexible rubber sole alongside a Cloudfoam memory sock liner and textile finish, these shoes are perfect for women at service all day and provide comfort to another level.

Meanwhile, read our reviews on the best shoes for cashiers and tell us which one proves to be your best and the most comfortable pair of shoes for all-day support, through the comments below!!

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