Best Shoes for Doctors

A doctor’s job is not an easy one. Medical professionals and doctors understand how important it is to be on their toes while managing patients, surgeries, clinical visits, etc. And for such times, what comes in handy is a pair of comfortable and supportive shoes for day-long wear.

However, finding comfortable and all-around shoes online is not easy. Each one of them claims to be better than the other which can make you confused about choosing the best pair for medical work as per your personal needs and comfort levels.

Therefore, we decided to make it easier for doctors and medical professionals by reviewing the best shoes for doctors available online.


12 Best Shoes for Doctors 2021

Dansko Women’s Professional Clog

Dansko Women's Professional Clog

A very retro finish but loved by most medical professionals and women in the field, they claim that these shoes are comfort unlimited. Finding comfort and style under one roof is difficult but these professional clogs by Dansko have them all.

They have a good two-inch heel and even boasts the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance. These shoes are preferably liked by nurses for long hours of duty on their toes, standing all day. It reduces the stress on their lower back and base of the feet and prevents musculoskeletal fatigue keeping your feet feeling fresh.

The shoes are very stiff but the comfortable inners beat the stiffness and the flexibility aspect of these shoes. The mild heel and the forefront rocker provide ample support and protection while reducing the pressure on the feet. It also reduces the tension of the calves while standing for unlimited hours.

The reinforced toe box is very spacious to not allow your feet to feel cramped up and wiggle your toes while the padded instep collar does not rub against the feet while you walk. It also has a PU outsole with rocker bottoms to propel the feet forward with each step while also protecting the toes and giving good shock absorbance.

You can also easily clean and maintain these shoes simply by wiping them off with bleach or cloth or even washing them with soap for a shine like new. The smooth uppers look very classy and the unique colours and patterns also look stylish with a pair of casuals.

These shoes are a great product for doctors to express their gait and personality through these pair of shoes. It is also recommended for cashiers, retail shop workers or chefs, and hotel attendants who have to be on their feet all day. The protective heel counter of these shoes allows flexible movement and nurses swear by these clogs being extremely comfortable and stable.


  • Stiff leather uppers
  • Rounded toe design for protection
  • The heel provides good stability
  • Unique design and colour options make it very versatile


  • Not true to size at times. Refer to the size chart carefully before purchase


Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Slip-On Shoe

Merrell Men's Jungle Moc Slip-On Shoe

These slip-on shoes from Merrell are classy, comfortable and one of the most preferred sets of shoes by doctors. It can be used for outdoor as well as indoor use due to its flexible and soft design that is catchy and comfortable. These shoes have a very versatile design and are made of 100% suede leather that is extremely soft and made of imported material.

The rubber sole at the bottom has an aggressive slip-proof design while the stitches at the design on the uppers add to the rugged style and the durability of these shoes as well. There is a loop at the back for easy slip on and slip off while the sneaker-like design makes it convenient to use and makes it effortless wear.

The pigskin lining is very soft and comfortable while the Ortholite footbed makes it comfortable for people with diabetes and other foot-related issues as well.

The compression-moulded EVA foot frame adjusts as per the shape of your feet for a smooth fitting and cushiony and plush feeling. There are some extra padding and air cushioning in the heel that is highly shock-absorbing and reduces the pressure and impact on your feet completely. It also supports long hours of standing on any surface while the breathable mesh lining keeps your feet sweat proof and ventilated.

These shoes are available in a range of rugged and outstanding colours that look classy and rich which can match with any style, be it your medical wear or a casual outing. Soft, protective, cushiony, and comfortable, these boots are a fantastic choice amongst medicos and doctors.


  • Convenient slip on and off design
  • Made of soft suede leather
  • Ortholite footbed is supportive for people with foot pain
  • EVA foam for a cushioned fitting


  • Certain users claim that the quality of the shoes could have been better


Crocs Women’s Neria Pro II Embellished Clog

Crocs Women's Neria Pro II Embellished Clog

Basic looks and filled with a list of embellished features, these shoes from CROCS are one of the best and the most convenient pair for medical professionals and doctors. Whether you need to make daily rounds or need to stand for long hours in the operation theatre, these shoes have been designed for a relaxed and comfortable fit to sustain long working hours. They are durable and provide enough freedom to your feet as well.

The design is very open yet secured and simple ensuring enough breathability and sweat-free feet at work. The design of these shoes has been newly updated with dynamite embellishments for a professional and sophisticated look so you can add some vibrance and style to your routine medical work. These shoes are perfect for a large range of professions be it nurses, medicos, restaurant attendants, retail, and other such demanding work environments.

It also has the patented crocs slip-resistant pattern and treads that provide good traction and maintain a non-slippery and safe environment. There is a range of colours and designs to choose from while the upper rubber material maintains the flexibility of the shoes. The inner footbed liner is removable and washable as well as lightweight and very comfortable. It has an enclosed structure around the toes and heels area that meets the workplace standards and keeps your feet snug and secure inside the shoes.

These shoes are moreover, also low maintenance as they can be washed with hot water and soap very easily. Blissfully supportive and soft material, it gives a cradling comfort as though just made and curated for your feet. These shoes also have arch support that makes it very suitable for doctors with flat feet who cannot sustain long hours of standing without a supportive pair of shoes.

These shoes are also ASTM tested and CE certified as well as exceeds the ISO standards. Crocs never fail to provide comfort and support be it for and of its extensive and exclusive range of footwear.


  • The cushioned footbed that is arched for support
  • Slip-resistant outsole pattern
  • Removable and customizable foot liner
  • Easy to maintain and clean


  • Not true to size at times


Skechers Cottonwood Goddard Twin Gore

Skechers Cottonwood Goddard Twin Gore

These shoes from Skechers are a combination of safety and comfort and is quite a preferred choice amongst doctors due to their convenience of use and wear. The rubber outsole is slip-proof and offers great traction on any surface which makes it good for hospital floors that are usually prone to remain slippery.

The upper material is extremely smooth and the slip-on design reduces your efforts of tying the shoes as well. These shoes are also designed for superior protection and are so tough, it can even sustain electrical hazards. The shoes are EH safety tested and meets the ASTM standards of safety making them an extremely reliable set of shoes.

These work shoes have stitching accents across the corners that add to the design as well as the durability of the shoes. The rounded plain toe front ensures that there is enough space for your toes to wriggle around and not make your feet feel cramped up. The side and heel leather overlay detail adds to the design as well as makes the shoes extremely stable and balanced.

The fabric of the shoes has good stitching as well as is very elastic making them easy to wear. The collar area of the shoes is extremely padded which makes it abrasion-proof and very cushiony comfortable. The soft fabric does not hurt your feet in any way while the midsole is very supportive.

This provides an adequate amount of shock absorbance as well. It has a 1 inch built heel that adds to the gait and stability as well as reflects your personality. Memory foam insole makes sure your feet remain relaxed and comfortable even with long hours of standing and wear. Skechers is a unique brand that never disappoints and these shoes are a great example as well as stand beyond comfort.


  • Guaranteed safety and slip-proof
  • Rounded toe front for ample space
  • Padded inners for comfort and cushiony support
  • Memory foam insole for a reduced break-in period


  • The quality of the shoes are not great
  • The shoes are not very durable


Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Dynamo

Dr. Scholl's Women's Dynamo

These clogs from Dr. Scholl’s are very supportive and are always relied upon by medical professionals to provide day-long comfort and support. When tested for quality standards, these shoes beat average industry standards for comfort and cushioning. These shoes are slip-proof and oil resistant providing extreme traction with the Lock Step Outsole which meets the TM63 and TM144 standards.

The upper leather fabric is very smooth that makes it easy to clean and manage while also adding to the looks and design of the shoes. The Dri-Lex moisture-wicking lining keeps the shoes very dry and comfortable while the Aegis Microbe Shield controls odor making your feet feeling fresh and safe all day.

It has an anti compression insole that does not make your feet feel cramped up while the memory foam cool fit makes sure the shoes have a reduced break-in period and adjust as per the shape of your feet. It has a vented sock design for added breathability to the clogs while the padding at the collar region makes sure the shoes do not rub against your feet at the corners.

The platformed outsole has a wood grain finish for added durability while the outsole also features a 2-inch heel for good stability and enhanced gait. These shoes might be full of style but may not support people with wide feet as the overall design of the shoes is too narrow. It is good in terms of support and comfort but not recommended for people with foot deformities either as it does not provide enough cushioning and arch support.


  • Glossy and comfortable leather
  • Has quite a high heel for added stability and gait
  • The slip-resistant outsole makes it safe for hospital floors
  • Memory foam for a reduced break-in period and added comfort


  • The shoes are not very durable and not of good quality


Nike Women’s Revolution 5

Nike Women's Revolution 5

The Nike revolution running shoes are made for all-day comfort and are a good budget shoe in a decent price range. These shoes are good for any surface be it indoors or outdoors and have a good outsole that provides a decent level of traction across any surface. The upper fabric is made of mesh is very breathable and keeps your feet ventilated.

They are not quite waterproof and may not sustain in damp environments and rainy conditions. However, the shoes are of superiorly good quality and more than what is expected of the price range. These shoes are also usually true to size however, they have a lace-up fitting which provides a snug-fitting around your feet. Not quite convenient to wear but provides immense stability.

The shoes are also very spacious on the insides providing enough space to move your feet and does not make them feel cramped up. The laces are very short however but the insoles are very comfortable and padded for a long day at work. The shoes are incredibly lightweight but the outsole is thinner than the usual pair of shoes which may cause easy wear out over time.

However, if used indoors, they are quite slip-proof and last longer. The shaft is low top from the arch that provides ample space for the movement of your feet. The lightweight knit fabric makes these shoes extremely breathable and the soft foam midsole provides added support. It also has slight arch support which is very good for people with foot deformities. The plush padded design, with the soft midsole and the traction proof outsole, is perfect for medical professionals and indoor use.


  • Lightweight and good cushioning for support and ease of movement
  • Breathable fabric for all-day comfort
  • Flexible material
  • Low top shaft design for enhanced movement


  • Not true to size always
  • The quality of the shoes are not great


Dr. Scholl’s Men’s Winder II

Dr. Scholl's Men's Winder II

The Dr. Scholl’s Winder II shoes have very nice looking leather uppers with a flexible tongue design that makes it very convenient to wear these shoes and slip them in anytime. It has a cushioned collared design that does not cause any discomfort to your feet and keeps them supported throughout the day.

The cushioned collar is also good for extra support around the ankle. The synthetic sole is very flexible, durable, oil proof, and slip-proof and the LockStep outsole meets the Satra TM 63 and TM 144 standards. These shoes have managed to beat all industry standards and stand way above in terms of quality as compared to any other shoes for medicos and doctors. It also has a gel-infused footbed that keeps your feet supported and provides a very relaxed fitting with each step your take.

It has a moisture-wicking inside lining that keeps your legs dry and prevents odor after a day-long of wearing. The shoes also have a microbe shield to fight any kind of odor and keep your feet feeling fresh. The sturdy outsole on the outside is also slip-proof with a good traction design.

The insole is anti compression and does not cause any pressure on your feet while providing additional cushioning and comfort as well. It has a vented sock design for enhanced breathability and comfort with an anatomical fitting that adjusts as per the shape of your feet. The stretch gore fabric adds to the flexibility of these shoes and therefore is quite a choice for doctors who have a long day at work.


  • Great style and comfort at work
  • Memory foam cool fit insole for a reduced break-in period and comfort
  • Moisture-wicking lining to keep your feet dry
  • Meets the industry safety and quality standards


  • The toe box is very small and makes your feet feeling cramped up
  • No ankle support


Birkenstock Boston clog

Birkenstock Boston clog

These easy-going and pair of shoes may seem very simple but add to the convenience of wearing and are known to be quite comfortable as well. It has a very low profile and rugged design but has been in the shoe market for years and has been garnering some great and positive reviews.

The Birkenstock set of shoes started as a company that used to manufacture insoles and eventually got up to designing shoes and clogs. It may feel very stiff for the initial days but upon several times of use, it gradually starts feeling very flexible and comfortable. It almost contours to your natural foot shape over time.

The upper material is made of natural style leather which is not quite rich looking and not dyed and the leather is very tough, Therefore, make sure to wax and moisturize the leather so that it does not crack up.

There is no padding at the upper section but most of the padding comes from the lower section of the shoe so the bottom of your feet is quite secured. It has a deep-pocketed style and a curved bottom that is very supportive and covers the heel and sides of your foot to provide the support it needs.

The base functions as the midsole, insole, and outsole and is made to provide the function of all three. The latex material midsole also contours to your foot once the shoes start breaking in. The classic treaded design from Birkenstock and the EVA outsole material is unmatchable and is slip-proof.

You can also adjust the fitting with the strap that comes with 4 different adjustment levels. You will enjoy wearing these pair of shoes from BIRKENSTOCK while they are also available in a range of colours that look rugged yet stylish.


  • Straps for adjustment
  • Rugged fabric design
  • Good stability at the heel
  • Easy to slip on and off


  • The quality of the shoes are not great
  • Not very durable as claimed


Skechers Women’s Safety Shoes Work

Skechers Women's Safety Shoes Work

These shoes from Skecher’s has a very convenient design that makes them easy to slip on and off while it also has a medium level cushioning on the insides that makes them comfortable for day-long wear. Available in 3 basic colours, they can be used with any medical uniform and look very decent and professional in terms of their design. In terms of functionality, the leather uppers are easy to maintain and clean while also giving a good finish to the shoes overall.

The imported material is of an exquisite quality while the traction proof outsole is slip-resistant that provides athletic level cushioning and comfort. It also has a pull loop at the back for easy slip-on and slips off. The traction pattern below provides good stability while the medium-sized heel adds to the gait and style. The insole or footbed is well perforated and also very breathable while providing ample space for foot movement as well.

Overall, they are sweatproof and the open design does not make your shoes feel crammed up. These slip-on shoes are good for hospital surfaces and other slippery areas and are water and oil resistant. The shoes are also lightweight that makes them suitable for day-long use. The overall leather material looks very flexible and adds to the convenience of use and ease of wearing. These shoes from Skechers are very easy going and a basic pair preferred by medical professionals across the globe.


  • Lightweight and flexible design
  • Slip-resistant outsole
  • Heel pull-on loop for ease of wearing
  • Breathable shoes


  • Not as supportive as claimed
  • Not true to size


CALZURO Classic Autoclavable Clog

CALZURO Classic Autoclavable Clog

Treat your feet the same way you treat your patients with care, with the CALZURO Classic Autoclavable pair of shoes that are a combination of attractiveness and comfort under one roof. Be it for long hours of standing or a stable gait while walking, these shoes have a perfectly sized and moulded heel for balance and comfort.

Moreover, these shoes are totally low maintenance because they can be washed, bleached as well as autoclaved which means you can use them and get them back as new with just a single walk. The upper surface is made of rubber is extremely smooth and is purely Italian made which makes it stand apart from the rest of the quality of the medical shoe.

You may want to consider the size chart carefully as this works as per the UK shoe sizing. These shoes are also known to be very protective as they are non-static, eco-friendly, and latex-free, meaning safe for your feet as well as the environment as a whole.

It also has 1.5 inches of the heel to reduce the fatigue on the base of your feet. With no metals and no unwanted materials, these shoes are a guilty free pleasure and purchase for your feet. It also has a sole that provides good traction and the shoes are also suitable for people with wide feet due to their structure and width. You can also wash these shoes in a dishwasher, they are that easy to maintain.

Moreover, the colour variants are an added benefit that allows you to match up to your style while also maintaining care and comfort for your feet. Additionally, these are rubber straps at the back for adjustment of the shoes which are equally attractive and are available separately in a range of colours too so you can mix and match your style as well as a trend at work. Live and work easy with these pair of rubber shoes from Calzuro and strike a difference in your style!!


  • Made of flexible and durable rubber that is very smooth
  • Range of brilliant and attractive colours
  • Can be washed in the dishwasher and also autoclaved
  • Convenient slip on and off design


  • The rubber quality is not great
  • The shoes do not have an easy break-in period


Keen Utility Men’s PTC Slip-ON II-M

Keen Utility Men's PTC Slip-ON II-M

Tough, comfortable, and stylish, the KEEN Utility Men’s Slip-On shoes are made for the hard-working men who are always on their toes. These shoes are manufactured way better than normal industry standards and use materials that are safe and have a reduced impact on the globe. These shoes are preferred by many professionals including waiters, bartenders, chefs, and doctors whose jobs involve long hours of standing that may cause pressure on their feet.

The shoes have a very unique outsole pattern that provides increased traction on any slippery floors or surface. These shoes are made of 100% leather fabric that feels very soft and very durable. The smooth leather surface is easy to clean and wipe off as well. These shoes also have a KEEN CUSH footbed that is made of polyurethane material along with memory foam that adjusts as per the shape of your foot to provide all-day comfort.

These shoes are believed to be consciously constructed for better adventures and have a low shaft design that makes it easy to move your feet comfortably. The forefront section of the shoes also has a soft toe built that makes sure your toe section remains protected. The outsoles are oil and slip-resistant which keeps your feet stable on the ground so you can work without any worries of being injured or slipping.

The elastic panel makes these shoes very flexible and resistant to tearing while the compression-moulded midsole wraps around your feet very comfortable and also gives a stable and snug-fitting with comfort and support.

The leather material is also waterproof and stain proof that makes it a very easy maintenance pair of shoes as well. You can also customize the footbed as per your needs which makes it more suitable for doctors and medical professionals with foot pain and deformities. The leather lining adds to the style and comfort while the slip-proof traction outsole along with a supportive footbed keeps you going all day.


  • Removable and customizable footbed
  • Elastic panel for ease of wearing and flexibility
  • Soft toe built for ultimate protection
  • PU inner material for sweat-free comfort


  • Does not provide good traction as claimed
  • The insole separates from the shoes almost easily


Nurse Mates Women’s Dove Oxford

Best Shoes for Doctors

The Nurse Mates Women’s Dove Oxford Shoes provides a very professional and decent look for medical professionals and also looks very stylish and contoured on a woman’s feet. Apart from offering a very professional look, these slip-on shoes are very easy to wear making them quite convenient as well as comfortable for standing for long hours at work.

These shoes also reduce foot fatigue that makes them suitable for people with flat feet and common foot deformities. These slip-on shoes also have an overall reduced break-in period not just in terms of comfort but also the material that gets softer with each passing day. The outer leather material is also durable and sturdy and feels very plush on your feet.

These sneakers have a very sober and uniform colour that matches with any workwear at hospitals and clinics as well.

The outer rubber sole is also resistant that adds to the stability and makes these shoes safe for slippery and dirty hospital floors. Along with the convenience of wearing, these shoes have a very cushiony footbed. The overall design is stain proof and has a very smooth finish that matches up to professionals.

The additional comfort factor is that these shoes are very lightweight that makes them easy to run about and does not restrict your fast-paced work lifestyle under any circumstances. Simple, professional, and comfortable, these shoes from Nurse Mates are quite liked amongst working women and busy professionals, including medical workers.


  • Cushiony footbed for comfort for long hours
  • The smooth leather finish on the uppers
  • Stain-resistant surface
  • Convenient and easy to slip in design


  • The shoes are not very durable as claimed
  • Increased break-in time as per certain users


How to Choose Best Shoes for Doctors

Here are a few significant features that we think would help choose the best shoes for doctors:


Size is always the most essential factor while choosing the ideal pair of shoes be it for doctors or any other profession. If the size of the shoes is too large, it may cause the shoes to slip off your feet or may cause you to trip. Conversely, if the shoes are too tight, your feet will start feeling cramped up and sweaty, and it may cause pressure and pain leading to discomfort by the end of the day.

It is always advisable to refer to the size chart before purchase and measure the dimensions of your feet. Always choose a size larger if you are unsure as a smaller size would cause you more discomfort and leave no space for movement of your feet.



The material of the shoes has to be very breathable and comfortable. Usually, shoes are made of leather, EVA foam or TPU materials that are not only durable but also lightweight and ensure less pressure on your feet.

You can go for memory foam, leather, latex, synthetic, and other such materials that are breathable and allow your feet to stay light and ventilated. The type of material also determines the durability and flexibility of the shoes as it should not be too stiff to hamper the movement of the feet.



For ease of movement and speed at work, it is always better to not let heavy objects come your way. This also holds true with the pair of shoes you choose. Heavyweight shoes prevent your feet from stepping especially while moving from one ward to another or constantly stay on your feet at work. Therefore, a lighter pair of shoes are more comfortable and always better at work.



Hospital floors can get slippery at times and the best way to avoid slipping is to choose a pair of shoes that provide an excellent grip while working. This ensures safety while providing an excellent grip on any floor surface. Outsoles generally made of rubber or any suitable traction material makes it oil and water-resistant and avoid slipping on any surface.


Foot Deformities & Support

Long hours of standing during surgery or medical camps or even tending to patients can cause pain in the feet especially if the shoes are not comfortable. Therefore, the least that a pair of best shoes for doctors can have is ideal support.

Long walking and standing hours can cause pain in the arch of the feet and can also cause pressure in the heel region. Therefore, shoes that provide ample arch support are always better to support the arched region and prevent the base of the foot from feeling pressurized. This also reduces the pressure in the heels and keeps your feet shape maintained.

For doctors suffering from plantar fasciitis or Achilles, heel pain is very common in them. The heel tends to get swollen as the plantar fascia stretches out of the ball in your foot. Therefore, shoes with additional heel support is a plus in doctor’s shoes.

Customizable insoles and footbeds are also an additional factor you can consider while choosing the best shoes for doctors. You can adjust and choose the insole based on your comfort levels, to be more cushiony or mediocre.

Moreover, memory foam or EVA foam cushioning is the best as it contours and adjusts as per the shape of your feet, reducing the break-in period of the shoe and providing personalized and customized comfort.

Polyurethane insoles are equally good and also breathable that not only provides support but enhances comfort. They are usually perforated which makes sure your feet do not get sweaty and cramped up.



As doctors, you can encounter any kind of liquid or fluid on the hospital floors which may spoil the outside surface of the shoes. That is why it is important to examine the outer material to be waterproof and dry easily it comes in contact with water.


Ease of wearing

Slip-on shoes are the most preferred by doctors, as it saves time, efforts plus allows them to keep their hands off the shoes. Therefore, looking for shoes that are convenient and easy to wear is always better than lace-up shoes.



With a demanding profession like that of a doctor, it may be very easy to sacrifice your comfort due to long hours of toiling around patients and surgeries, going forward visits, clinical rounds, medical conferences, etc. For such a busy lifestyle, a supportive pair of shoes is a must. Therefore, we reviewed some of the best shoes for doctors and found out that the best amongst all is the Dansko Women’s Professional Clog.

Stylish with padded collars, glossy leather finish, roomy toe box for some extra toe wiggles, stable slip-proof platform, and convenience of wearing, doctors and nurses have always spoken of these shoes very positively and they have garnered tonnes of attention from medicos and hard-working women.

Read our reviews on the best shoes for doctors and tell us which one supports and cares for your feet like doctors care for their patients,  through the comments section below.


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