Top 10 Quality Shoes for Elderly Women 2021

Best Shoes for Elderly Women 

Feet related problems in older women are very common. And one of the major contributors to their deformities and pain is their incorrect or inappropriate footwear. Incorrect footwear can lead to pain in the heel and the development of pain in the forefront area if not correctly worn and used.

Choosing the incorrect size can also have its disadvantages as it can lead to corns in the toes, hallux vagus, as well as plantar fasciitis if the base of the shoes is not supportive. Over time, these conditions can grow to be acute and if not dealt with on time can lead to permanent issues in walking or foot mobility.

One of the best ways to deal with foot deformities in elderly women is to look for the right pair of shoes. However, finding a pair online can be quite a task especially with the range of features every shoe boasts of. For which, we decided to give a helping hand by reviewing the most appropriate and the best shoes for elderly women to help them walk better and lead a happy, balanced, and active life!!


12 Best Shoes for Elderly Women 2021

ASICS Women’s Gel-Kahana 8

ASICS Women's Gel-Kahana 8

These shoes from Asics are so technologically driven and so beautifully constructed, they feel bouncy and extremely fantastic when you wear them making them to the top of our list. The rear section of the shoes has a gel cushioning system that takes up almost all the pressure of the feet and provides immense shock absorbance. It allows for a smooth transition and makes sure that you land safely on any surface during any activity. This also works for elderly people who can get deeply injured and affected even with the slightest impact on their sensitive feet. The SP EVA midsole material improves the bounce-back characteristics and reduces the breakdown mainly caused by the midsole.

The midsole system enhances support and stability and improves your position and performance ten folds. The Trusstic System technology reduces the weight of the sole and also maintains the structure of the shoe keeping it firm and steady for walking, especially for the elderly with balancing issues. The outsole has a trail-specific pattern that provides good traction with the reversed lugs design that helps in uphill and downhill traction.

The trendy design is worth making heads turn, your evening walks will be uplifted with style and comfort guaranteed with these shoes. The rocker bottom pattern is great to support the toe section and supports forward movement giving a stable gait while walking. Asics aims to create a healthy and happy lifestyle for all those who want to protect their feet and thereby improve their life. These shoes are a way to go for elderly women, supportive, and comfortable in every way.


  • Gel cushioning system for shock absorbance
  • Trrustic technology reduces the weight of the shoe
  • Duo Max midsole technology enhances stability
  • Lightweight cushioning for good activity enhancement and support


  • Not slip-proof
  • The shoes could have been better in terms of quality


RYKA Women’s Dash 3

RYKA Women's Dash 3

For a pair of shoes that delivers comfort, support, and style, RYKA Women’s Dash 3 is a blend of everything nice that makes it to be at one of the top shoes on our list. With every step you take, it helps you maintain a balanced walk while the shaft measures low top from the arch. However, it is not very low which can protect against pronation and the inner cushioning at the collar is immensely supportive for the ankle and the shin region.

The shoes are also lightweight measuring as less as 8.4 oz. and it has breathable mesh uppers with leather overlays to maintain the durability as well as the comfort of the shoes. The gradient pattern is quite bright that adds to the looks of the shoe while the footbed is anatomically designed to make sure your feet remain contoured and fit in perfectly to match the shape of your feet. The EVA midsole is completely shocked absorbing that reduces the pressure on your nerves and the anatomical precise return footbed returns the energy to your feet to maintain the bounciness and active levels of your footwear.

The outsole is rubber covered that provides a great level of traction even in the most slippery of surfaces. It has rounded edges, that make sure to keep the corners of your feet protected while avoiding any impact or injuries around your legs. These shoes are good for supporting women who have plantar fasciitis, or mild pain in the heel due to the rounded arch and cushioned support. These shoes are made to suit your feet and contour to your style and condition.


  • Breathable mesh fabric for ventilated comfort
  • The footbed adjusts with the feet anatomically
  • Trendy colour options to choose from
  • Outer rubber coverage keeps the feet protected


  • Not suitable for people with wide feet


Skechers Women’s Go, Walk Joy

Skechers Women's Go, Walk Joy

Your feet deserve something that feels comfortable and what gives them joy. Luckily, Skechers gets that right and introduces the amazing Skechers Women Go Walk Joy that is immensely trendy and very comfortable as well as easy to wear on the feet. Now, it has a low top arch that measures very low from the shaft meaning, it allows absolute flexibility for the feet but at the same time, should be avoided for people with pronation issues.

It has enough room in the toe box region which gives ample space for mobility whereas the synthetic and textile sole makes sure that the shoes are quite comfortable and breathable, not making the feet feel cramped up. The weight never comes in the way, these shoes are quite lightweight and comfortable, and the upper material is also very flexible, so you bend or flex, the shoes can take it all.

It also has a responsive 5GEN cushioning on the insides which is extremely comfortable and bounces the energy back to your feet reducing the stress on the legs. This is an especially comforting feature for people with old age as their energy levels on the feet drain out after a certain age. It has the Skechers GOGA Max high rebound insole which is extremely supportive and adjusts to the shape of your feet, feeling like your second skin.

It has a padded inner section with a soft fabric lining that does not cause shoe bites and pain with continuous wearing. It has a parametric midsole that is 5Gen cushioned for added comfort. They are slip on and fairly easy to wear, the inner cushioning supports the top portion of the feet and ankle just right whereas the sneaker-like shoes are trendy and available in various colour and size ranges that makes them the most happening and trending shoes amongst young as well as elderly women.


  • Good traction at the outsoles
  • Elevated heel with box support for better gait
  • Various colour and size ranges
  • Dense inner cushioning for additional comfort
  • Easy slip-on wear


  • Does not provide good stability while walking
  • Not meant for people with wider feet


VIONIC with Orthaheel Technology Footwear Women’s Walker

VIONIC with Orthaheel Technology Footwear Women's Walker

When you combine style and trend with comfort and put them in one place, you get these fantastic pairs of shoes by VIONIC. Additionally, it has the Orthaheel technology which is a pure win-win for women with arthritic issues. These are designed for walking and jogging, especially for women who are prone to or suffering from knee pain, joint pain and recovering from a past injury.

Available in a range of exquisite colours that are basic yet trendy, they match for any active or casual outing or even a morning walk with your group of ladies. It has a rubber upper sole with a leather finish that makes it very durable although the shoes could have been more stretchable and flexible. Talking about the footbed, it is removable and customizable which makes it great for specific conditions and better adjustment. These shoes are medically approved as they have received the APMA certificate as well.

Now, these shoes are equipped with the Active Motion System Technology that provides maximum comfort and good stability with each step. It also provides support for work and plays so you can wear it anytime. The footbed has been specially designed by Podiatrists that has been imbibed into their solid range of footwear and gives absolute stability right from the ground to the ankle level. Vionic combines science, the purpose of the footwear, and the style and also keeps the feet biomechanics in mind to build something that takes care of your feet like no other. These breathable and extremely comfortable shoes are available in 4 colour ranges that are simple and basic yet provide a comfortable gait.


  • Leather and suede uppers for a breathable and ventilated experience
  • The midsole is extremely shock absorbing
  • Optimum cushioning for support
  • Active motion system for perfect gait


  • Not good for people with arthritis
  • The shoes are not very durable


Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 4

Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk 4

Elderly women often experience pain in their ankle and top portion of the feet as well as the shin region which demands a pair of shoes that are fairly supportive and well cushioned as well as have a proper set of insoles and specific construction. The Skechers performance shoes cater to the needs of every elderly woman and therefore provides the GOGA Max technology which gives high rebound cushioning.

This ensures that your feet bounce with each step you take automatically reducing the energy spent by your feet. Talking about the mesh material, it has a GO Knit fabric that is fairly comfortable and keeps the feet ventilated making the shoes very breathable and light. The GEN 5 technology ensures lightweight cushioning so the weight does not come in the way of elderly women while their activity or walking whereas the GOGA Pillars make sure that each step is taken care of and cushioned. This ensures that there are lesser chances of injuries, better stability, and balance that is maintained with the shoes.

The design of the shoes has become more streamlined to contour and adjust to the shape of the shoe to avoid loose-fitting and ensure that you don’t fall or trip. The footbed is also bamboo-lined which provides absolute odor control and prevents the growth of bacteria in any way keeping your feet protected. The traction pattern below the shoe is very unique making sure it is slip-proof and keeping you extra protected while walking or treading. After all, you don’t want to risk an injury in old age, right?


  • Integrated technologies for better safety for elderly women
  • Mesh uppers for ventilation and breathability
  • Bouncy cushioning for less pressure and energy expenditure by feet
  • Superior traction


  • The quality of the shoes have degraded


Skechers Women’s Flex Appeal 3.0

Skechers Women's Flex Appeal 3.0

Skechers Women is the ultimate sense of style and presents a sporty outlook so that elderly women don’t miss out on their fun activities. Skechers designs a diversified and affordable range of footwear that suits every age, gender, and class as well as a type based on their foot conditions as well as the activity type. They are known to design a range of lifestyle footwear for women and men alike. The flex appeal from Skechers is made of 100% breathable textile that makes women feel very comfortable upon wearing it. It has a low top arch design from the shaft that allows absolute flexibility and movement for the feet but those with pronation problems, you may need to be a bit extra careful.

The shoes are lightweight which does not restrict your regular movement and activity but at the same time, it also has a supportive midsole that is shock absorbing and does not cause pain in those overworked and aged sensitive nerves. The rubber outsole provides immense traction which gives enough stability on the most uneven and slippery surfaces. It also has air-cushioned memory foam that is breathable and contours to the shape of your feet. It is available in a range of 4 sporty and trendy colours.

The colours and the designs being very young and vibrant may appeal to women instantly and matches with a lot of lifestyle outfits for women. However, apart from athletic activity, if you are looking for orthopedic or support for a particular condition, then these shoes may not quite support you the right way but are good for beginners with mild to moderate pain and shock absorbance issues.


  • Sporty and vibrant design
  • Breathable upper design
  • The outsole provides good traction
  • Memory foam cushioning for better adjustability


  • Not reliable in terms of obtaining support for your feet
  • Not very cushioned


Clarks Women’s Mary Jane CLARKS Sillian Bella

Clarks Women's Mary Jane CLARKS Sillian Bella

Clarks shoes are originally carved by the very famous Cyrus and James Clark who started off by making slippers using sheepskin and now have a range of all kinds of exclusive footwear. With their advanced construction designs, unique technologies, and out of the box patterns, their shoes have always been tailor-made to suit modern-day needs and comfort. These Bella shoes may not exactly be the epitome of comfort but look great with a beautiful gown or dress or good for a casual outing.

The 1.35 inches heel is very uniform and stable that helps in maintaining a decent gait and does not make you lose your balance while walking. The soft cushioning on the inside makes up for the support while the Ortholite construction makes it great for women with several orthopedic conditions like knee and ankle pain. These Bella shoes are available in 3 basic colours being blue, black, and sand while the velcro opening with an open design keeps your feet well ventilated and fairly easy to wear the shoes.

The shoes have a medium level of cushioning which may not prove to be very supportive while the heel section is very flexible which allows you to easily slip your feet and reduce your efforts with age. Stylish and smooth uppers, but not that great in terms of comfort and support, you may want to choose this for basic protection and coverage as well as stability for your feet.


  • Smooth leather upper construction
  • Flexible openings for easy slip on and off
  • The outsole has good traction
  • The heel is quite stable


  • The strap does not grip well over the foot
  • The shoes are not true to size


New Balance Women’s 813 V1

New Balance Women's 813 V1

For the ones who prefer taking the extra mile at work or who prefer staying active, these shoes from New Balance are a way to go with some amazing levels of cushioning that makes you feel comfortable wearing them all day. These shoes have the rollbar stability post system at the outsole that helps in maintaining balance and gait and allows good traction as well. It helps in controlling the rear foot movement which gives better support with each step.

It has a velcro system which allows superior ease of wearing and reduces your efforts of wearing the shoes. Surprisingly, for those who are buying these shoes for medical purposes, these are also reimbursable with Medicare using their specific code given in the product description. These adult walking shoes promise you to give a gait and stability like no other and the outsole is imbibed with some strike path technology that helps in providing better stability and guidance and also allows a natural walking gait which is very important for elderly people.

These shoes are not very soft, rather sturdy which can be beneficial in supporting but at the same time, the comfort may seem slightly compromised. It has supple leather uppers and resilient rubber soles that make the shoes very durable and for the shoes to support your active lifestyle and match up to the wear and tear. With the cushioned collar and tongue, it works wonders for elderly women who require additional support while walking, especially for people having orthopedic conditions and require support in their ankle area.


  • Highly cushioned inners for additional support
  • Velcro for ease of wearing
  • Rollbar outsole for better stabilization
  • Good outsole pattern for superior traction


  • The shoes are of cheap quality
  • Not true to size


Orthofeet Women’s Joelle Stretch Strap Shoes

Orthofeet Women's Joelle Stretch Strap Shoes

These shoes from ortho feet are very unique and very supportive as it provides support from all types of heel pain, plantar fasciitis, foot pain, pronation as well as neuropathy. It also provides extreme ease of wearing due to the velcro fitting which reduces your efforts of wearing the shoe. It has an extremely lightweight sole design and a superior ergonomic fitting that contours to the shape of your feet. The orthotic insoles provide some good anatomical arch support which is extremely necessary for conditions like flat feet or plantar fasciitis and additional shin and ankle support as well.

It has a very supportive foam padding that provides cushioning right from the heel to the toe region and the shoes also possess a wide design which makes it suitable for women with wider feet or who have problems in choosing the right shoe size. It is available in medium, wide and extra-wide widths which is good for women having Morton’s Neuroma or extended toe growth.

The therapeutic design makes sure to release the stress and pain of your feet reducing the pressure on your joints and enhancing the overall stability thereby helping in balancing during walking as well. The upper material is quite soft and has extra foam padding which is good especially for sensitive feet. The roomy toe box makes sure it does not cause cramping of the feet and reduces the pressure on the bunions, hammertoes. The overall depth of the shoes is also very good which provides ample space and cushioning. You can also customize the insoles as per your feet condition. Available in 2 basic colours being grey and black and a variety of size options to choose from, these are the ultimate shoes for various feet conditions and the most comfortable pair you will ever wear.


  • Good for diabetes, pronation, and arthritis as well as plantar fasciitis
  • Soft upper layers for breathability and comfort
  • Roomy toe box for protection against hammertoes and bunions
  • Customizable insoles


  • Not very supportive of intense activity
  • The padding and cushioning is very poor


Dr. Comfort Women’s Victory White Diabetic Athletic Shoes

Dr. Comfort Women's Victory White Diabetic Athletic Shoes

For elderly women who suffer from diabetes or for those who are looking for some extra cushioning around their feet, these shoes from Dr. Comfort is doctor recommended and proved to be working for specific foot deformities. It has a leather and meshes upper design that keeps the shoes durable and keeps the feet feeling comfortable and ventilated. It can be used for mild walking to even jogging and the rubber outsole is extremely durable with a moderate traction design. It is available in two mild and subtle colours and the overall design with the velcro strap looks very classy.

Talk about velcro, it does not require an additional effort of wearing as the strap is fairly easy to wear. It has a rocker bottom design that helps in forwarding traction and movement. The contact closure is fairly adjustable that allows for good customization for better and personalized comfort as per your feet condition. The mesh uppers also keep your feet cool and dry while helping in air circulation. The rocker bottom pattern also possesses a protective toe box that does not allow your feet to get injured in any way. The midsole is extremely shock absorbing which adds to the support aspect of the shoes.

The best part about these shoes is the amount of cushioning that it offers which is great as the padding is extreme around the collar and the tongue regions. However, this may increase the weight of the shoes which you may not want if you have stability issues while walking. However, if you are looking for a moderate level of activity, these shoes are quite great and supportive and good for reducing pressure. You can also customize the insole as they are removable and adjustable as per your condition. Good for medical conditions like arthritis and diabetes, these are good pair for women who are suffering from various modern-day health disorders.


  • Breathable and ventilated upper material
  • Velcro opening for ease of wear
  • The supportive and protective toe box
  • Provides good shock absorbance


  • The shoes may feel very cramped up after wearing
  • Not true to size and the material is not flexible


Hush Puppies Women’s Power Walker

Hush Puppies Women's Power Walker

For the ones who are scared of the slightest of elevation, these shoes from Hush Puppies are not just cute but equally protective of your feet with the heel measuring as less than 1 inch making sure you maintain balance and do not lose stability. The height between the shaft and the arch is not very intense that may not support your feet completely but provides enough scope of movement for your feet.

The shoes would not make your feet feel very compressed and also possess a Dri-Lex socklining to make sure that your feet are not drenched in sweat. It has full-grain leather uppers which makes the shoes durable and flexible while the inner footbed is removable and customizable to suit your feet’ condition and comfort. The footbed is molded which contours as per the shape of your feet. The outsole has integrated bounce technology which is a dual-density outsole that reduces the energy spent by your feet while returning the energy and providing excellent shock absorbance.

These shoes are also PDAC approved which makes sure that they can support various medical conditions like those suffering from osteoarthritis and flat feet. The arch support may not be very extravagant but the cushioning covers up for the support. The traction design is moderate and is decent. The tongue and the collar section of the shoe are extremely cushioned and padded for immense support to the front foot and the ankle section. The shoes are available in a range of basic and extremely simple colours, to match your personality and clothing as well. One of the simplest and basic shoes with a mediocre level of support and good for those who are looking for a light to moderate support for their feet.


  • Customizable insole
  • Dri Lex sock lining for absorption and sweat control
  • PDAC approved pair of shoes, suitable for elderly women with moderate foot deformities
  • The outsole has bounce technology that reduces the pressure on your feet.


  • The shoes are very stiff
  • Not true to size and colour


New Balance Women’s WT410v5

New Balance Women's WT410v5

Declare your style, passion, and independence with the New Balance Women’s Cushioning Trail Running Shoes that are excellent for activity and to keep you on your toes any day and for any age. With a pattern that provides superb traction at the outsole made of rubber, it does not allow you to slip and maintain absolute stability. It may have a slightly elevated heel which may be a concern for certain elderly women who do not prefer elevated shoes.

However, the stability and the cushioning that it offers is endless which makes up for the heel elevation and reduces the chances of slipping and falling ten folds. It has an Acteva Midsole which is equally and extremely supportive providing extreme cushioning and padding to the feet and also supporting your feet. The insoles are customizable so you can adjust as per your comfort levels while the bright and vibrant colours also match up to the styles of the shoes.

It is good for elderly women with wide as well as narrow feet and does not cause problems especially for those suffering from extended toenails and feet shape deformities providing enough room for movement. The tongue is also well cushioned to protect the upper part and the ankle section of your feet. For the uppers, it has a breathable mesh fabric which is good for extreme ventilation while the midsole supports across all treads and surfaces be it rough or smooth. The shoes are well cushioned and extremely durable for long-lasting support and enhance the level of activity.


  • Customizable inserts for good support
  • Good traction
  • Good range of colour options


  • Shoes are not very durable as claimed by buyers
  • The quality of the shoes is not worth the price


Common Footwear Problems in Older Women

Here is a list of some common foot-related problems that are associated with elderly and aged people:

Fat Pad Atrophy:

With growing age, you can also gain some unwanted weight at the most unexpected places of your body but the feet are responsible for taking all the weight. However, with fat pad atrophy, the sad part is that you may end up losing the extra fat and cushioning around the feet area. This is bad because you need extra cushioning to keep your feet steady and capable of taking the overall and extra weight of the body.

In such cases, when your feet are not able to support, you may need a pair of supportive shoes to take the pressure off the feet. There are special foam inserts called orthotics that are available for shoes wherein you can customize the footwear as per the support that you may need. Else you may have to go for further severe treatments like injections if the condition is worse.


Morton’s Neuroma

Morton’s Neuroma is one of the most common foot conditions that happen due to people choosing ill-fitting or the wrong size of shoes for themselves. Symptoms may usually include the front part of the foot feeling hard and stiff which makes you feel like walking on a marble or a hard cemented surface. This is more common in older women who have worn shoes with a tight toe area or heels in the past. The solution to this is regular massaging or changing to a comfortable & supportive footwear


Plantar Fasciitis:

If you are suffering from pain at the bottom of your heels, the most common cause would be Plantar Fasciitis which is very prevalent with growing age. Plantar Fascia is biologically known to be a long ligament that starts from the sole of your feet and extends right along to the arch of the feet. If you are into rigorous activity and not massaging your feet well or if it is genetically inherited, then you may experience constant pressure and pain around the fascia region.

Even if you have a high arched region or if you are obese, it can cause pressure on the particular ligament which makes you more prone to the problem. You may also experience some swelling with pain. The best way is to give it cold treatment or perform some calf muscle exercises to strengthen them.


Ingrown Toenails:

For those who don’t take regular care of their feet and do not cut their toenails (especially elderly people who find it difficult to bend to reach their toenails), the nails end up overgrowing and entering into the skin of their feet. This can cause swelling and infection as well.

The most common causes of ingrown toenails are damp feet, obesity, as well as conditions like diabetes that can make it worse to heal the toes as well. To prevent this, make sure your toes have enough space to breathe inside the shoes and avoid wearing extremely tight and smaller sizes. If conditions worsen, you can even ask your doctor to remove the toenails which can be painful for an overgrown nail within the skin and toe.



With growing age, conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are very common. Women are more prone to these conditions due to reduced levels of calcium in their body which makes them susceptible to greater bone deformities, arthritis being one of them. Excessive walking or activity can stress your feet which can cause them to wear out. Here, the cartilage that prevents friction between the bones breaks down and the excessive friction between two bones causes the pain. This is common amongst women who are 65 years or older and shoes that are not supportive at the base and the calves may worsen the condition ten folds.


What to Look For in Comfortable Shoes for the Older Women according to their Problems

Before looking for the best pair of shoes for older women, here is a list of features you should look for in the descriptions before getting the right pair for yourself or any elderly women:



It is very important to analyze the dimensions of your feet before choosing the right size of the pair of shoes. If one of your feet seems smaller and the other seems bigger, always go for the bigger size as smaller shoes may make your feet feel compressed. On the other hand, if you are habituated to wearing socks with your shoes, measure the size of your feet with the socks on and only then look for the appropriate size.

A larger size may cause issues with balancing whereas a smaller size may cause your feet to feel compressed and uncomfortable leading to issues in the toe region or even Morton’s Neuroma which is a common deformity in elderly people due to a pair of ill-fitting shoes.

Refer to the size charts that are available with the descriptions for a better understanding of your feet dimensions.



For elderly women who find balancing an issue while walking, it is better to have something lighter for their feet which can help them walk easily and not come in their way of acting. This is why choosing a pair of shoes for elderly women that is light in weight and easy to carry and lift their feet is a surplus. Heavy shoes can cause them to get shaky and cause accidents.



There are various types of shoes available for senior people to ease their process of wearing as well as walking with them. The types are:


Slip-on Shoes

These are the most convenient type of shoes anyone can own, especially for elderly people who find it difficult to bend and wear the shoes taking extra effort. Slip-on,  shoes that are properly covered to keep the feet protected as well as help in balance issues are an ideal choice for elderly women. Add some colours and style to it, and it can look great for a casual outing and fit informal occasions as well.


Shoes for Walking

Most elderly seniors love to remain active by walking and incorporate that as their daily exercise routine. A pair of shoes that supports their intensity of walking as well as help maintain their gait is comfortable as well as safe for walking and exercise activities. Shoes for walking are generally meant to be of the ideal size and they also prevent calluses and injuries. Walking shoes are also known to be light in weight and for those who have a high walking intensity, they possess excellent shock absorbance to not hurt the nerves as well.


Shoes for Orthopaedic Conditions

Orthopedic conditions can happen in several parts of the foot. Shoes for elderly people have several features like well-supported outsoles and midsoles, spacious front foot area, well-cushioned heel, etc. These features benefit medically and make sure that the foot is not pressurized especially in the inflamed or affected areas of the feet.

If you have especially suffered from any injuries, those sections of the foot require special care, and shoes for orthopedic conditions take care of that. These shoes are especially extremely supportive for foot deformities, open sores, bone deformities in the feet, and there are special orthotics that can be customized in these shoes for comfort and to reduce pain.


Open Shoes

If you are looking for a set of shoes that are open and at the same time can manage your gait then shoes that have straps with traction heels are a great choice. These shoes may have box heels and a treaded sole that avoids slipping along with an open or strapped design to keep your foot ventilated. This is good especially for summers to avoid cramping and sweating in the feet as well as add to the comfort of your feet.


Casual shoes for house wear

These are more or less like slip-on shoes that are easy to wear and are worn around the vicinity. This is to keep the feet cushioned and avoid direct contact with the floor. These shoes do not provide long term comfort for outdoor use or travel but are great to keep the feet protected.



Talk about the height of the heel for elderly people, it is advisable to keep it low while the mediocre level of heel should also remain thick to help in maintaining a balanced gait. A high heel level is not for balancing and may cause them to trip over especially if elderly women have balancing concerns while normal walking. The heel region should preferrable not be very elevated and should be running uniformly from the bottom to the toe box for the shoes to provide overall stability.



You can look for certain features to enhance the comfort of the foot like better heel support, more toe front area, mesh fabric, memory foam, and various other features. Heel support can provide additional cushioning to the base and the ankle of the feet while the forefront area provides more space for feet mobility and does not make the legs feel cramped up.

Memory foam is especially good for orthopedic conditions as it contours to the shape of your feet and customizable insoles are always better for elderly people to adjust as per their different foot conditions. Moisture-wicking material is also a plus, especially during the summers.



Support is one of the most important aspects while choosing shoes for elderly people as they have poor balance issues and reduces most other primary or secondary associated foot problems in the case of elderly women. This is a good feature for those suffering from plantar fasciitis or flat feet who need support, especially around the arch region.

If you need a certain level of arch support, you can always consult a podiatrist and check if the shoes are customizable for the amount of cushioning and support you need as per your condition.



Elderly people have issues with stability and may tend to trip often while walking or during regular activity. In such conditions, shoes with traction always help as they avoid slipping and maintain stability even in the most uneven of surfaces, being an oil spill or a watery floor. Shoes that have a special traction pattern should be preferred over a plain and smooth-surfaced set of shoes for better protection against slipping.



Shoes are the best companion and support system for active and elderly women. However, choosing the right pair online is a task for which we decided to review the best shoes for elderly women pertaining to several feet deformities that are common with old age. After several amounts of research, and reading and understanding reviews, we found that the best shoes for elderly women are the ASICS Women’s Gel-Kahana 8 Trail Runner.

Made for the active and fit elderly women, these shoes promise to change your lifestyle and also are integrated with Gel Cushioning and a dual max support system to make sure the feet remain protected, supported, and comfortable.

It is also good for women with arthritis, plantar fasciitis, and bursitis due to arch support and good cushioning. Read our reviews on the best shoes for elderly women and tell us which one suits your feet and your necessities through the comments below.

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