Best Shoes for Teachers of 2021 (Most Comfortable Shoes for Teachers)

Best Shoes for Teachers

Are you a teacher tired of standing all day long? Dealing with that foot ache while imparting education to the future generation can take a toll on your physical as well as emotional health. Having access to the right shoe-type will help ensure that you do not even feel the weight of the shoe.

In this review guide, we will list out some of the popular and highly reliable shoes and sneakers that can be used all day long, minus the pain or discomfort.

But, before we do that, let us take a quick look at some of the critical elements that are essential in selecting the right shoes for teachers.


Best Shoes for Teachers (Women)

1. Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Women’s Luna:

Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Women’s Luna

For teachers that have to stand all day long, having access to comfortable shoes is mandatory. You do not have to deal with those tie-up shoes when these slip-on variants are here to your rescue. This shoe is available from size 5 to 12.

The Scholl’s Women’s slip-on shoes packs-in a rubber-based outsole that ensures ample comfort and traction for long hours. These are perfect for teachers who stand on their feet all day long, explaining the subject they love teaching.

Also, the rubber brings longevity. It means you don’t have to worry about it wearing down too soon. The shoe packs-in cool fit memory foam insole that keeps the teacher comfortable for an entire day. The foam has been designed to mold into the right shape to avoid that underfoot feeling.

These slip-on sneakers houses mesh, faux leather, as well as microfiber to ensure ample breathability and comfort for long hours. Plus, you also get access to a soft collar that doesn’t hurt your ankles during long walks.

What we love:

  • Comfortable and long-lasting memory foam
  • Runs true to its size
  • Provides ample arch support
  • Great pricing for its features
  • Removable insole

Keep in mind:

  • Cleaning can be hectic
  • Might rub against the ankle causing bruising


2. Skechers BOBS Breeze Women’s Espadrille Slip-on-Flats:

Skechers BOBS Breeze Women's Espadrille Slip-on-Flats

Let teaching your favourite subject be a breeze minus the strain and pain that comes from standing all day throughout the lectures. With Skechers BOBS women’s slip-on-flats, you get access to a light-weight slip-on variant that is as soft and supportive as they come.

You can get these shoes in sizes 5 to 11. The shoe brings in a rubber-based outsole that helps you stand strong on your feet without slipping down or losing grip. This super-flexible design ensures easy wearability. Apart from this, the makers have introduced an espadrille-style natural fiber of the woven kind to add more details to the midsole.

Talking about the insole of the shoe, it comprises of memory foam, which acts as a cushioned fabric that is topped with a comfortable insole. Also, the shoe brings in a super flexible design that doesn’t complicate the wearing process.

The woven mesh upper is designed to bring ample breathability. However, one might not find it as a water-proof variant given the fact that it lacks any water-resisting material as its upper.

What we love:

  • Memory foam-based footbed
  • Appropriate 0.5 inched platform height
  • Round toe for a roomy feel
  • Slip-on style design for easy wearability

Keep in mind:

  • Tonal stitching might not be as sturdy


3. Blowfish Malibu Women’s Fruit Sneakers:

Blowfish Malibu Women’s Fruit Sneakers

Bring in that fruity style to your wardrobe and be that classy teacher loved by all. With the Blowfish Malibu sneakers, you get a beautiful pre-distressed shoe that withstands long-standing hours minus the discomfort.

The sizing for Blowfish starts at 5.5, going all the way to 11 in medium and narrow sizes. In order to avoid any slipping or abrasion from outside, the outsole is created from a durable rubber material. It provides ample traction as you walk across the floor. The shoes are designed to withstand daily wear and tear without deteriorating themselves.

Malibu sneakers come with a durable foam-design insole that ensures even weight distribution throughout the shoe. It ensures that you can stand comfortably for the longest possible hours.

The terry cloth upper lining ensures that there is ample breathability throughout the shoe. You do not have to sweat or deal with that bad smell that comes from excessive moisture content inside the shoe. The shoe also comes with classic 4-inlets for the lace, ensuring that your shoes don’t slip off your feet.

What we love:

  • Lace front for ample breathability
  • Memory foam shock-absorbent design footbed
  • Easy cleaning design
  • Ample traction for easy walking
  • Slip-free design

Keep in mind:

  • Zero arch support
  • Insoles tend to come off easily


4. Clarks Women’s Sharon Dolly:

Clarks Women’s Sharon Dolly

If you are looking for a water-proof daily-wear shoe for your everyday lecture sessions, getting your hands on Clarks Women’s Sharon Dolly is your best bet. This ultra-stylish shoe is designed to ensure that you stay comfortable as well as chic as you teach the future generation.

Available in sizes 5 to 12, you can get these shoes in wide make. Apart from being stylish enough, the Sharon Dolly houses a rubber sole that ensures ample traction for stability throughout the day. The durable rubber design avoids any direct contact of your foot with the outside debris and ensures a pain-free wearing experience. Plus, you also get access to the ultra-lightweight outsole created from EVA.

The ortholite footbed ensures that you do not have to deal with issues such as joint pain or foot sores from standing all day long. The shoe makes use of the patented cushion-soft technology that ensures even weight distribution for uninterrupted wearability.

The complete leather upper design ensures that you do not have to deal with your feet getting wet from water splashes. Although the leather design might not be the bookish definition of breathability, the overall design ensures that you do not have to sweat through your feet as these shoes take care of airiness through its wide design.

What we love:

  • Roomy toe-box
  • 77 inches heel for durable traction
  • Ample arch support

Keep in mind:

  • Breathability might not be as good as required


5. Dansko Women’s Olena Flat:

Dansko Women’s Olena Flat

Decked with a decorative band created from durable leather, the Dansko Women’s Olena Flat is perfect for someone looking for an easy slip-on shoe design that feels quite similar to flats. These stylish pair of shoes ensure comfort isn’t something you have to trade away for that classy look.

While the sizing options aren’t much, if you are anyone between the sizes 5.5 to 8, this is something you can buy.Although the Dansko women’s flat doesn’t bring that classic rubber outsole like its competitors, it doesn’t compromise on the durability or traction that comes with rubber outsole. However, one might keep in mind that the synthetic sole might not be slippery at the start, but it sure gets slippery after regular use.

The foam-based insole ensures that the wearer doesn’t have to deal with foot sores or pain in the joints in any form. The upper for Dansko Women’s comes with 100% leather material that ensures longevity for years to come. The shoe is designed for daily use, especially for teachers that have to run from one lecture room to another and stand on their feet all day long.

What we love:

  • 100% leather upper
  • 1-inch heel for comfortable traction
  • Removable insole
  • Roomy round-toe design

Keep in mind:

  • Arch support isn’t ideal


6. New Balance Women’s FuelCoreNergize V1 Sneaker:

New Balance Women’s FuelCoreNergize V1 Sneaker

Created from 100% synthetic material, this sneaker by New Balance is an ultimate epitome of comfort for teachers that haven’t yet experienced how easy standing for long hours can be. This shoe brings in the midsole cushioning that is backed by REVlite that is known to deliver lightweight design for a responsive shoe ride.

Available in sizes 5 to 12, this shoe is meant for people with a wide foot area. The synthetic outsole construction is designed for durability; however, it might not provide as much traction as required. However, the groove-design ensures that you do not slip off in slippery platforms.

The NB memory foam sole is designed to offer plush feel as you take each step. This daily-wear shoe was created for use anywhere & everywhere regardless of the path-type. This ultra-modern design is a cross-trainer that makes use of synthetic and mesh materials to ensure a super-light experience. Apart from this, you get ample breathability as it is with the mesh design. Something that lacks this shoe is a water-proof design, which might not be a big deal for teachers.

What we love:

  • Available in multiple color range
  • Doesn’t feel heavy on the feet
  • A comfortable combination of midsole and insole
  • Bootie upper for a snug fit

Keep in mind:

  • Lacks arch support


7. COODO Women’s Athletic Shoes:

COODO Women’s Athletic Shoes

Innovation in the sports industry, this pair can easily fit into your daily life, especially if you are a professional like teacher. Designed to accommodate different shoe sizes, this 100% fabric sole gives you the best grip and boost to have a reliable pair on your feet throughout the day.

COODO women’s shoes are available in sizes 6 to 11. However, the prime issue with the shoe comes with its outsole. Although the design is pretty stylish, it fails to grip the grass when necessary. So, you might have to watch where you go with these shoes.

The insole is created in the form of a low-top durable sneaker. Backed by a soft insole with netted texture, this shoe will surely provide you day-long comfort. Apart from this, the collar brings in plush-padding and shock-absorbent design for ample ankle support.

The entirety of the shoe is created from organic, pure fabric that ensures ample breathability. The lightweight mesh design adds into the style factor. Apart from this, you get access to a rigid underlined textile that adds into the overall support.

What we love:

  • Breathable fabric-based upper
  • Padded collar for ankle
  • Easy fit design regardless of size
  • Accommodates extra insole and orthotics

Keep in mind:

  • Insufficient traction; might require a certain adjustment period
  • Limited support at the arch-end


8. Sperry Women’s Crest Vibe Linen Sneaker:

Sperry Women’s Crest Vibe Linen Sneaker

The word “linen” is often associated with comfort and ample breathability, and this is what comes as a package deal with the Sperry Women’s Crest Vibe linen sneakers. This adventurously designed shoe ensures that you do not get tired of wearing the same all day long.

You can get these shoes in sizes 5 to 12 with wide feet coverage. In terms of the outsole, you get access to a non-marking variant that is created from rubber. This outsole ensures that you do not skid regardless of the pathway you take. Not just that, the rubber build provides ample traction minus the heavyweight.

The shoe adds in an EVA foam-based footbed that is accompanied by a moisture-wicking, breathable Dri-Lex lining. The vulcanized construction also ensures that your shoe lasts for years to come. The star feature of this shoe is its linen upper, which ensures ample breathability. The traditional styling with lace add-ons ensures a creative look to the shoe. Apart from this, the shoe adds in rust-proof eyelets that handle any amount of water exposure without deteriorating.


  • Air-circulation technology for breathability
  • Cashmere lining for ample comfort
  • Non-marking rubber outsole
  • Air-cushioned insole with full-length EVA

Keep in mind:

  • Runs a tad bit on the narrow end


9. TOMS Women’s Blue Chambray Classic:

TOMS Women’s Blue Chambray Classic

Created from pure cotton, this is another shoe in our list that is popular for its breathability factor. Apart from the pocket-friendly price factor, the shoe ensures day-long comfort without having to deal with sore foot or redness.

Bring home this pair in sizes 5 to 12 for a super cozy fit. In terms of the outsole, this shoe goes a bit differently. You get access to a fabric plus rubber sole combination. It ensures that they last for a long time while giving you a comfortable grip throughout the time you wear them. Apart from this, the shoe withstands mildly slippery surfaces. However, it might not withstand extremely slippery areas.

This slip-on style shoe also packs in a comfortable insole. The classic suede based insole ensures ample cushioning to avoid undistributed foot pressure. The upper is created from toe-stitch cotton design to ensure that your feet are happy minus the excessive moisture content. The elastic “V” shaped upper ensures that the sneaker can be take off or put on easily.

What we love:

  • Mixed rubber outsole to ensure flexibility, durability, & resilience
  • Latex arch for enhanced support
  • Double stitch design for longevity
  • Elastic gore for easy wearability

Keep in mind:

  • Lacks arch support
  • Tends to run small in size (going a size up solves this issue)


10. CLARKS Women’s Sillian Bella Mary Jane Flat:

CLARKS Women’s Sillian Bella Mary Jane Flat

A stylish and sports-inspired flat shoe, the CLARKS women’s Bella Mary Jane is ultra-comfortable wear that packs in unique features for all those teachers who need an extra layer of support on their feet. This pair is available in sizes 5 to 12 in both narrow and wide coverage.

Apart from being on the stylish end, this shoe packs in a durable rubber-based outsole. The outsole houses carefully designed grooves and ridges to ensure you get ample traction when on-road or rough terrain. However, the design isn’t as slip-free as needed to be considered a perfect ten.

With regards to the insole, the shoe packs in a removable cushion with soft make that is backed by ortholite molded impact absorbent footbeds. It ensures that you get non-stop comfort throughout the day.

From the very first step you take with this shoe, you feel ample cushioning with zero to minimal compression. The upper is created from stretched fabric-based panels that, combined with its hook-&-loop strap, bring in agile movement, easy entry, as well as a secure long-duration fit. The upper uses an open-cell technology that ensures ample breathability.

What we love:

  • Ortholite footbed for a pain-free experience
  • 35 inches heel height for proper arch support
  • Durable outsole
  • Soft fabric-based lining for comfort
  • Easy wearability with slip-on style

Keep in mind:

  • The strap doesn’t hold on for long


11. Sanuk Women’s Pair O Dice Flat:

Best Shoes for Teachers

If you are looking for something casual yet comfortable to wear to your classes, the Sanuk Women’s flats are ideal for your daily needs. These cushioned, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial women’s flats ensure that you do not have to worry about the smelly sweat or associated infection. If you are looking for a minimalist look, this shoe is the one for you.

Sanuk flats are available in sizes 5 to 11. The rubber-based outsole acts as a barrier to all the outer abrasion-causing elements. Not just that, the outsole ensures durability for years to come. The pebble-groove design ensures that you do not have to deal with slippery slopes.

In terms of the insole, the shoe packs in ultra-flexible rubber Sanuk foam that spreads out your feet weight and ensures comfort for long hours. The shoe has a custom-printed upper crafted from high-quality canvas material, which is known for its breathability. Plus, you get an added comfort with the drop-in Yoga Mat design added to the shoe for hardworking teachers.

What we love:

  • Rubber sole for ample traction
  • Casual slip-on style
  • Enzyme washed soft canvas
  • Flexible Sanukcupsole

Keep in mind:

  • A narrow toe box that leads to abrasion
  • Seams tend to fall apart very soon


12. Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Women’s Rate Boot:

Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Women’s Rate Boot

Looking for a full-coverage women’s boot for your feet? With Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Rate Boot, you get access to a durable shoe that is designed to ensure ample breathability while covering most of your feet. Get these amazing shoes in sizes 6 to 11 for wide feet sizes.

Dr. Scholl’s brings in a durable outsole that is designed with a synthetic sole. Apart from this, the outsole is combined with a stacked heel that is leather-wrapped. The geometric detailing with perforated style ensures that you get a good grip while walking.

In order to ensure maximum comfort, the makers have also introduced a durable memory foam-based cool-fit insole that looks amazing with anything from summer dresses to shorts and professional attire. Microsuede-based upper ensures that you do not have to worry about breathability or comfort. Apart from the breathability factor, the suede make ensures ample water-resistance. However, it might not be completely water-proof. You can easily add water-proofing to ensure that your feet are dry during the fall or winter months.

What we love:

  • Deeply embedded chop-outs on the back and side tab
  • Easy fit design
  • Shaft measures an approximate height
  • Ample arch support
  • Anatomical comfort and cushioning
  • Flexible & lightweight construction

Keep in mind:

  • Tends to run small in terms of size


13. Amazon Essentials Women’s Knit Ballet Flat:

Amazon Essentials Women’s Knit Ballet Flat

Being basic doesn’t have to be boring in any way. With Amazon Essentials Women’s Knit Ballet Flat, you get access to a basic yet chic design that comes with amazingly unique design while ensuring the comfort needed.

Available in sizes 5 to 15, this flat covers wide-sized feet variants. At this price, the shoe has a synthetic+rubberoutsole, which is just as good as that of simple rubber. It provides ample traction to ensure that you do not slip off while walking casually. It is true for most cases. However, the shoe might slip off on a highly slippery slope due to a lack of ample grooves and ridges on the base of the sole.

Padded insole added to the shoe ensures that you do not have to worry about bruising or discomfort that comes from standing long hours. This shoe is created from 100% synthetic, and the classic & versatile ballet-type flat is designed to be worn daily with a superior fit.  Not just that, the ballet flat flaunts a casual silhouette combined with its round-toe that adds to the flattering profile. The leather upper is created from soft leather (faux) that is lined with microfiber for added comfort.

What we love:

  • Elasticized topline for a snug fit
  • Flat design for ortho patients
  • Suede microfiber for water-proof feature
  • Rubber+ synthetic combination outsole

Keep in mind:

  • Lacks arch support
  • Wears out after being used a few months


14. BOBS from Skechers Women’s Chill Luxe Flat:

BOBS from Skechers Women’s Chill Luxe Flat

BOBS brings to you a 100% synthetic luxe flat that flaunts an import-quality build. The slip-on design ensures that you do not have to waste your time tying up the laces while you are getting late for your lecture.

Get the BOBS Skechers in sizes 5 to 11 with wide coverage. The outsole is created from synthetic material with proper grooves and ridges to ensure there is ample grip as you walk to and fro teaching your favorite subject. However, the shoe might not perform extremely well in terms of traction when compared to the rubber variants.

To ensure that you have a great time wearing this flat, the makers have added soft memory foam as an insole. It provides the right distribution of weight and controls any pain or bruising that might happen. This shoe is crafted from smooth faux leather and has a durable upper construction that won’t wear out anytime soon. The designers have embedded a warm & versatile styling to the shoe with beautifully stitched accents to this slip-on design. The leather upper also provides water-proofing features for those winter and fall moisture issues.

What we love:

  • 1/3 inch heel
  • Sidelock by the heel to ensure a precise fit
  • Slip-on design
  • Slotted collar paired with adjustable lacing

Keep in mind:

  • Insole needs an upgrade


15. Skechers BOBS Women’s Bobs Plush-Peace & Love:

Skechers BOBS Women's Bobs Plush-Peace & Love

Skechers brings you a flexible pair of women’s shoes which would loosen up eventually and will fit your feet just perfectly. The absence of lace makes it even easier to put on with just one slide. As ultra-comfort and classic style go hand-in-hand, you’ll feel comfortable all day long without compromising with your look.

Apart from a great color collection, this shoe also comes in sizes 5 to 12 for wide foot-types. This Shoe comes with a rubber sole, which ensures you do not slip off while hustling from one class to another. Gone are the days when all you had as options were slippery shoes. Now with rubber sole shoe, you walk with better traction and zero chances of slipping off.

An extra line of the memory foam gives your feet comfortable throughout the day. Not just that, the cushioning also prevents the redness or soreness of your feet. Apart from that, for added support, it’s designed with an arch pillow on the inside.

The upper lining is fabricated using fabric to keep your feet sweat-free by providing ample breathability. Apart from being super-comfortable, canvas shoes also require very low-maintenance and are machine washable.

What we love:

  • Low-profile shock absorbing midsole
  • Slip-on design
  • The footbed is padded with memory foam
  • The outsole is created using 100% fabric

Keep in mind:

  • Not available in wide sizes


Best Shoes for Teachers (Men)

1. Clarks Men’s Cotrell Edge Oxford:

Clarks Men's Cotrell Edge Oxford

You can make a remarkable style statement with Clark Men’s Cotrell Edge Oxford shoes. Having a posh moc toe design, it’ll make you stand out from the crowd. In a formal outfit as a teacher, you can carry it in a very classy manner.

Get the Clarks Men’s shoes in sizes 7 to 15 designed for wide feet types. It flaunts a synthetic outsole whose durability is unbeatable in the market. What makes it go beyond stylish is its soft cushion technology, which ensures comfort all day long. Its traction might not be as good as a rubber sole, and it can’t even be termed as slippery.

As you walk through the corridor from one class to another, the padded collar and footbed will keep your feet happy and supple. For custom-fit, the OrthoLite lining compresses and fits the shape of the foot.

The Clarks Men’s shoes come with upper leather construction, which is quite durable and doesn’t wear and tear anytime soon. Also, you don’t have to think twice before stepping over water because of its high water-resistance. Even though it doesn’t provide complete breathability, it won’t let your feet feel sweaty all day long. It allows the pass of optimum air to keep your feet supple.

What we love:

  • The breathable lining of fabric
  • Fitted with soft cushion mechanism
  • Comes with a wider width
  • Moc toe detail makes it classy


  • Not for usage in summer


2. Rockport Men’s Eureka Walking Shoe:

Rockport Men's Eureka Walking Shoe

When it comes to easy walking, style, and comfort, Rockport Men’s Eureka Walking shoe proves to be the best in the industry. The combination of look and comfort makes it even more appealing. Foot fatigue is a story of the past with these comfortable yet classy shoes.

Available in sizes 6.5 to 14, these shoes can be purchased in wide and extra-wide coverage. Having a rubber outsole construction, it flaunts an amazing gripping capability regardless of whether you’re walking on the road or a slippery surface. While you walk through the corridor or stand, the bumps and curves will give a balanced surface to your feet.

The latex foam footbed will ensure your foot rests easily and provides a chill surface for your skin while walking. The best part is, it has a lining of mesh, which prevents the accumulation of moisture and allows it to be aerated. Regardless of how long your school hour is, you’ll always have a cool and dry climate for your feet.

In order to provide a well-balanced look and design, it has been made tough yet elegant using rugged and imported materials. You get a customized adjustment option because of the lace-up vamp. Not just that, the highly padded tongue allows your feet to feel cozy and comfy all day.

What we love:

  • Heel stability comes with San Crispino construction
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Comes with Strobel for forefoot flexibility
  • Breathable lining

Keep in mind:

  • The toe area isn’t spacious


3. Clarks Men’s Cotrell Step Slip-on Loafer:

Clarks Men’s Cotrell Step Slip-on Loafer

Made from 100% leather material, the Clarks Men’s Cotrell Step Slip-on Loafer is an ideal pair for any teacher who has been having issues with abrasion or pain. The slip-on design is something that fits ideally within your budget and ensures zero problems even if you happen to stand all day long.

Bring home this comfortable beauty in sizes 7 to 15 in wide feet coverage. In terms of the outsole, the shoe brings in a rubber made with non-marking features. It means even if you walk haphazardly, this shoe will ensure that there are no marks left on the floor. Plus, the ridges and grooves added to the outsole ensure ample grip even when the floor is slippery.

Apart from extremely lightweight design, the shoe comprises of ortholite-based memory foam that supports even weight distribution. The cushion-soft technology ensures that your feet feel as if they are walking on the clouds. The breathable upper made from leather adds to the plus factor of this shoe. The cushioned back arch supports any long-term usage, especially when standing for long hours.

What we love:

  • Ample width for a roomy fit
  • Impact absorbent design for ample support
  • Ortholite Foam-based inlay for a cushioned feel
  • Leather upper for longevity

Keep in mind:

  • Outsole tends to wear off fast


4. Clarks Men’s Escalade Step:

Clarks Men’s Escalade Step

Beautified by creative stitching, the Clarks Men’s Escalade Step shoe is a persona amplifying pair that ensures that you look stylish and be comfortable at the same time. The bicycle toe stylish is something unique in our list of best men’s shoes for teachers.

Get this leather beauty in sizes 7 to 15 with wide feet coverage. The rubber outsole adds into the traction factor of the shoe. You can leave behind your worries about slipping or losing control as you walk. Moreover, the outsole ensures that there is ample cushioning between the outside abrasion-causing elements with long-lasting design.

Even though you get a barely-noticeable small heel, it sure does a good job of amplifying the height. Clarks also packs in a breathable & comfortable footbed that can easily be removed and replaced with an ortholite variant as per the requirement of the wearer. The shoe packs-in a smooth leather upper that adds into the breathability factor of the shoe. Plus, you get access to a durable, abrasion-free variant that doesn’t wear out with time.

What we love:

  • Ample arch support
  • Textile-based lining material that ensures minimal sweating
  • 5” heel height
  • Mark-resistant durable outsole
  • Removable footbed

Keep in mind:

  • Runs a tad small
  • Narrow toe box


5. Margaritaville Men’s Anchor Lace Boat Shoe:

Best Shoes for Teachers

Coming from a well-known brand popular for its iconic designs, the Margaritaville Men’s Anchor Lace Boat Shoe is something you should definitely bring home. This fashionable yet comfortable design ensures that you are popular among your students without having to compromise on the comfort factor.

The Margaritaville is available in sizes 7.5 to 14 with wide feet coverage. The leather-based sole ensures that there is enough for you to go for years without having to worry about abrasions or bruising of the feet. Apart from this, you get ample arch support with the shaft that runs from the bottom of the ankle to the top.

To ensure that perfect fit, the makers have added a foam insole that evens out any negative pressure or supination that might happen when you stand for long hours. Also, the shoe adds in a soft-padding that decreases any chances of bruising while ensuring maximum breathability.

Talking about the upper, the Margaritaville shoe brings in a mesh upper combined with leather that helps radiate that extra heat from all around the shoe and makes your feet happy for long hours.

What we love:

  • Breathable upper with leather mesh
  • Contrast stitching for a creative look
  • Comfortable foam-based insole
  • Colourful anchor print on the rubber outsole
  • Soft-padded tongue and collar for added comfort

Keep in mind:

  • Weak stitching that comes off with few uses


Buying Guide- How to Choose Shoes for Teachers?

When selecting the right shoes to be worn by a teacher, here are certain factors that you need to consider.


The material selected for the teacher’s shoe needs to be durable and breathable. Among the popular materials used for the construction of such shoes include leather, mesh, or patented leather. These materials do not just cater flexibility, but also bring in scope for allowing ample foot movement throughout its use.

As you stand all day long, you need to ensure that your feet don’t bruise or hurt from wearing the shoe all day long. The comfortable and soft material is the key to keep up with the requirements of great airflow while keeping things dry and cool as and when required.


Gender-Specific Shoe:

Another factor that most buyers ignore is the fact that a shoe can be comfortable only when it is designed to fit the shape and size of your feet. You cannot bet on a design meant for men and wear it as a woman to experience comfort. Women and men have different feet structure. It is something one needs to keep in mind when purchasing a shoe.

Women’s feet tend to run smaller as compared to men’s. That is why it is important to understand whether or not the shoe is made for men or women. It ensures that you do not develop any foot issues from prolonged standing.



Whoever said that being comfortable means you have to compromise on the style factor couldn’t be more wrong. There are several companies or manufacturers that understand the need for comfort while looking stylish. In the current generation, slip-on shoes are among the trending types available for teachers.

They can also aim for athletic styled slip-on or sneakers that offer ample stability and support. If you are a teacher who doesn’t want to compromise on the style factor while aiming for comfort all day long, selecting the right sneaker from this list would surely fit your requirements.



Now, one might assume that comfort only comes at a certain heavy price tag. While this might be true for certain brands, the story is a tad different. Several dedicated brands focus more on creating stylish comfort at pocket-friendly prices.

When searching for a reliable shoe for your teaching assignments, keep in mind that you should prepare a budget beforehand. Filter out the shoes as per your budget, and if you get a reliable shoe for a couple of dollars more, you can surely go for the same. Getting the most out of your money is the key here.



What’s the point of paying so much for a shoe when you won’t be able to use the same for a long time? That is why ensuring the durability of the shoe is important. Most leather upper and rubber outsoles are reliable in terms of durability.

Apart from this, certain synthetic makes can provide ample durability for the price you pay. The general aim is to go for a shoe that lasts at least a year or two from being bought.

So, without any delay, let us check out some of the best shoes available for teachers in the market.



So, here is the complete list of both men’s and women’s shoes for teachers. In case you need advice from the experts, we would recommend that you go with Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Women’s Luna, given the fact that it runs true to its size and caters ample arch support, which is helpful when standing for long hours.

For men, we would recommend Clarks Men’s Cotrell Edge Oxford. This shoe can easily be slipped on in case you are late for that lecture while being comfortable all day long. In case you have used any of these shoes listed above, make sure you comment down to let us know how they worked for you.

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