Best Slip Resistant Shoes (Non Slip Shoes)

Best Slip Resistant Shoes, Best Non slip shoes

While the world works the way it does due to gravity, it sure can be cruel to us in certain instances. Whether you are inherently a slipping Joe or just someone who stumbled upon a slippery slope, having the right shoe can help you defy the natural gravitational issues. If your pathway is frequently lined with slippery items or loaded with water, a reliable slip-resistant shoe will help ensure that you stay safe throughout your journey.

You might find multiple shoe sellers claiming the product to be slip-resistant. But what actually makes up for a slip-resistant shoe? Here is a complete breakdown of what makes a shoe slip-resistant and the right way to purchase one.


Best Slip Resistant Shoes 2021

Skechers Men’s Felton Relaxed-Fit Slip Resistant Shoe

Skechers Men’s Felton Relaxed-Fit Slip Resistant Shoe

Coming from an award-winning and globally recognized leader in the shoe manufacturing industry, Skechers is a brand you can definitely rely on. It is especially true for someone who is looking for a shoe that doesn’t slip off every now and then.

The shoe is available in sizes 7 to 14 in wide and extra-wide design. In order to ensure that the wearer doesn’t slip off when travelling through high-risk terrains, the Skechers Felton comes in a rubber outsole. This high-quality outsole packs in nitrile to adhere to the OSHA compliance requirements. Further, the grooves and ridges added to the shoe provide enough traction regardless of the way you walk through the pathway.

The Skechers Men’s Felton also doubles up as a highly supportive shoe that packs in memory foam with padded inserts for the insole. Apart from this, you also get access to a shoe lined with soft fabric with a shock-absorbent midsole that compliments the insole.

The padded collar and tongue are compiled with a supportive design that features a lace-up design, reinforced stitching, as well as a Skechers logo on the side/tongue. The upper is designed with a synthetic leather design that ensures water doesn’t seep into the shoe while ensuring water-resistant features.


What we love:

  • Soft fabric-based lining to ensure a comfortable fit
  • Traditional lacing to ensure easy wearability
  • Padded collar and tongue
  • Cushioning with ultra-soft memory foam cushioning
  • Roomier fit with a relaxed toe box design
  • Removable insole can be replaced with orthotic variants
  • Exceeds slip-resistance coefficient of 0.5 as per ASTM standards

Keep in mind:

  • Tends to make squeaky noise on certain surfaces
  • Lacks proper arch support, could do better with bit revision on the design


New Balance Men’s Slip Resistant Shoe (626 V2)

New Balance Women’s 626v2 Slip Resistant Shoe

If you have been looking for a powerful industrial grade slip-resistant shoe design, the New Balance Men’s slip-resistant boot is just what you need. The hardcore design, along with sporty profile, ensures that you do not have to tackle injuries from mindless slipping issues during work or your simple daily chore.

Talking about the size availability, this shoe is available in sizes from 7 to 16, covering wide to 3X-Wide in the U.S. sizing practice. Created from a rubber outsole, the New Balance comes with a superior traction power, even if you happen to work on hazardous or oily surfaces. Apart from this, the outsole makes it a perfect choice for the ones that do not have reliable foot control when walking. For someone who works in places with the frequent danger of slipping, this industrial-grade shoe is a must-have.

The shoe makes use of an ABZORB-based foam cushioning insole that supports your foot for a complete day of comfort. Not just that, the midsole is designed to absorb the impact that is known to cause injuries. The cushioning effects ensure that your heel does not bear the burden of your body and the weight spreads out evenly throughout.

Talking about the upper for New Balance, it is created from durable leather upper that adds in a subtle and clean look. Apart from being comfortable to your feet, the leather ensures proper breathability minus the suffocation that occurs when you wear mesh-free shoes for long.

What we love:

  • Designed for people with arthritis, cavus foot, bunions, flat feet
  • Features motion control design to ensure easy maneuverability
  • Contoured footbed according to the natural design of the shoe
  • Wide toe area to ensure ample foot movement
  • Cushioned heel for patients suffering from Achilles tendonitis

Keep in mind:

  • Runs a size small, need to go a size higher to get the right fit


Fila Men’s Memory Workshift Slip-Resistant Work Shoe

Fila Men’s Memory Workshift Slip-Resistant Work Shoe

Tired of walking carefully on your long work hours? Wouldn’t you benefit from a shoe that takes away the worry of slipping when on work? With Fila Men’s Memory Workshift shoe, you can ensure that harm doesn’t come your way with its durable slip-resistant design. The shoe is designed to impart comfort, durability, as well as a high-traction outsole that makes it worth the price tag.

If you are looking forward to purchasing this unique shoe, the model is available in sizes 6.5 to 16 going on types wide to extra wide depending on your foot width.

The slip-resistant outsole is created from rubber to ensure enough traction when walking on slippery surfaces. The evenly spread out grooves ensure that your foot lies flat on the surface without any curves that might lead to slipping issues.

Talking about the insole, the shoe has a footbed with memory foam cushioning. Apart from this, the introduction of a padded collar and tongue ensures that you do not suffer from bruises or nicks from wearing the shoe all day long. The midsole added to the shoe effectively complements the insole in terms of shock absorption.

The upper is created from durable leather (faux) to ensure ample breathability and water-resistant feature. Apart from this, the lace-up closure design ensures a highly secure fit and doesn’t slip off from your shoe in any way. The stitching accents add a hint of unique styling to the boring old work look.

What we love:

  • Rubber toe-based bumper that helps avoid an impact
  • Sockliner comes with memory foam for comfort
  • Synthetic overlays that adhere to occupational standards
  • Complies with the ASTM F2913-11 testing standards for slip-resistance
  • Ample traction to prevent slipping on slick surfaces (However, caution is advised)

Keep in mind:

  • Sewing can be better as it comes apart with few uses


MOZO Men’s Sharkz Slip Resistant Work Shoes

MOZO Men’s Sharkz Slip Resistant Work Shoes

Why make your work shoes boring when they can be unique and crafty while being safe at the same time? With MOZO Men’s Sharkz Slip-Resistant shoes, you get that well-deserved comfort and stability. You do not need to be a part of a highly-dangerous work profile to get your hands on these shoes. Safety is for everyone, and this shoe provides secure traction, water-resistance, as well as ample ventilation.

Apart from being 100% vegan, this shoe is available in sizes that go from 7 to14, depending on your foot size. The synthetic outsole comes with secure and anti-slip traction. The cross-check grooves and ridges ensure that you do not slip on any surface with perfect foot pressure throughout the bottom. The anti-slip tech provides you a sturdy and firm foot grip to ensure that you stay safe.

The shoe also packs in a removable insole made of gel for perfect fit and cushioning. The elastic goring makes it perfect to be worn for long hours. The side padding ensures that there is minimal bruising to your foot.

Created from 100% polyurethane, this shoe allows an easy-to-slip-on feature to pack in style and comfort for a casual slip-on. The side ventilation feature ensures ample breathability along with the Mozofit technology to ensure a custom fit. The shoe is perfect for a good outing or daily work requirement.

What we love:

  • Easily handles sudden breaks during the walk cycle
  • Insole with customized shims
  • Superb long-lasting grip
  • Synthetic upper ensure water-resistance to avoid moisture seepage
  • Handles heavyweight feet and distributes it throughout the sole
  • Durable but lightweight for a pain-free walking experience

Keep in mind:

  • Lacks proper space in the toe area
  • Size can run smaller than original


Townforst for Work Men’s Slip and Oil-Resistant Shoes:

Townforst for Work Men’s Slip and Oil-Resistant Shoes

Do you work in a kitchen as a professional chef? Does oil cover the entirety of your kitchen floor? You would need a durable and reliable shoe that is oil and slip-resistant, such as the Townforst Work Men’s Shoe.

The shoe is available in black colour in sizes ranging from 8 to 13 in wide format. This shoe comes with a slip-resistance rubber outsole that grips to the surface with microscopic roughness, regardless of where and how you walk. With the liquid micro-channel patented design, the slippery element is channelled away from your sole’s bottom, adding to the traction on greasy and wet floor surfaces.

While the shoe ticks all the right boxes when it comes to bringing efficient traction, the insole is just as great for daily use. The shoe features cushion layering that handles the longest restaurant shifts. The insole brings in ample shock absorption to ensure a friction-free wearability experience.

Apart from this, the midsole has been designed to be lightweight and extra flexible to complement the cushioned insoles. The shoe also packs in a genuine variety leather upper that is backed by a unique lacing style. This casual sneaker features a round-design toe box that provides ample room for comfort. The durable double-stitch ensures that the shoe doesn’t come off with regular use and pressure from daily wear.

What we love:

  • Adheres to the slip-resistance industry standards set by ASTM F1677-2005
  • Works best in water and oil mixed conditions
  • Designed specifically for healthcare, restaurant, and service industry professionals
  • Lace upper brings-in a secure fit
  • Doubles up as your daily wear shoe
  • Treads easily channel the slippery liquid away

Keep in mind:

  • Lacks ample ankle support


Crocs Women’s Neria Pro II Embellished Clog Slip Resistant:

Crocs Women’s Neria Pro II Embellished Clog Slip Resistant

Looking for a stylish pair of women’s slip-resistant crocs? With Crocs Women’s Neria Pro II, you get access to an amazing slip-resistant pair that is designed to provide you with the next-gen comfort. This new variant of Crocs comes with removable and washable liners for the footbed.

Designed to cater relaxed fit, having a little heel movement here-there is normal with the Crocs Neria Pro II. The shoe is ideal for someone who works in a restaurant, healthcare, retail, as well as other feet-demanding industry.

You can get these shoes in sizes 4 to 11 in a range of colours and designs. The outsole, created from 100% synthetic material, is fully moulded and can easily be cleaned with the help of the soap and water combination. Apart from this, the fit is rather relaxed with a tapered ending on the heel-side to ensure a secured fit.

The insole is created from patented Crocs Comfort cushioning design along with the Croslite cushion to make your wearing experience all the more relaxed. The contoured and moulded footbed comes with a liner that wicks the moisture away. It ensures that sweating isn’t an issue for your slip-resistant shoe.

The 100% synthetic upper is easy to wash off if dust or dirt settles in on top. The synthetic design also ensures that any water that settles on top dries away easily without actually seeping in. The Crocs also comes with easy slip-on design for the ones that do not have much time to tie those laces.

What we love:

  • Adheres to the ASTM F2913 testing standards
  • Enclosed heels and toes adhere to the workplace safety standards
  • Relaxed fit with easy wearability
  • Ample arch support for added comfort
  • Fully moulded design to ensure water doesn’t seep in

Keep in mind:

  • The toe box is too wide; might slip out if the fit isn’t tight


Skechers for Work Women’s Gibson-Hardwood Slip Resistant Sneaker:

Skechers for Work Women’s Gibson-Hardwood Slip Resistant Sneaker

Skechers are no doubt among the leading manufacturers for shoes on a global level. So, automatically, it translates to high-quality shoes, especially if you are looking for comfort while ensuring slip-resistant safety standards. The Skechers Gibson-Hardwood sneaker is a unique model introduced by the company. Let us decode its features point-by-point.

Also, if you plan to purchase this shoe, you can do so in sizes ranging from 5 to 11 in medium width. The combination comprised of groove and tread design comes from the use of advanced technology known to prevent any slipping issues. The rubber sole grooves with proper placement ensure that any slippery liquid is guided away when it comes in contact with the shoe.

In terms of comfort, the shoe houses insoles that are full-length and completely removable in nature. Apart from this, the midsole also absorbs any shock and helps reduce the presence of stress on the ankle, knees, or feet. The one-inch heel height adds proper height without compromising on durability and comfort.

Created from 100% leather upper, this shoe will ensure ample water resistance. Apart from this, the sturdy plastic inlets ensure there is no rusting post moisture exposure. As opposed to the traditional 4 inlet style, this shoe offers you 6 for a better fit. The rubber cap on the toe part protects your shoe along with the stitching accent that delivers a unique style statement.

What we love:

  • Large contact area increases the overall traction
  • Boots adhere to the safety standards for electrical hazard
  • Meets the specifications under ASTM F2892-11
  • Removable insole to be replaced with orthotic one
  • Midsole that absorbs ample shock
  • Soft fabric lined across its contour for bruise-free experience

Keep in mind:

  • Might not be ideal for regular use and leads to a reduced lifespan


MOZO Men’s Forza Slip Resistant Work Clog:

MOZO Men’s Forza Slip Resistant Work Clog

If you wish to stay safe and comfortable while working at your regular old job, the MOZO Men’s Forza work clog is just what you need. This black-coloured work clog packs-in soles that provide ample traction.

This footwear brings to you a fashion-forward alternative that seems great and performs well too. The outsole technology comes from an exclusive compound made of rubber along with microchannel treading patterns. So, if you have ever worried about oil slips or water slips, this shoe will help reduce such chances. This water-resistant shoe comes in sizes 7-13 in U.S. wide design.

The insole comes with a removable gel variant that also provides soft inner layering with reduced stress. Whether you walk or stand for long hours, the insoles will ensure there is no pain or pressure on your toes or feet.

With a leather-based upper material, you also get access to a reinforced plastic makes around the toe area. The design is durable enough to protect the feet when working within a messy kitchen. The water-resistant shoe is safe for a range of environments that minimizes accidental falls atop spilled liquids or slick floors.

The shoe also uses MOZOFit technology with two shims that create a highly-customized fit. Apart from this, the shank of the non-metallic variant provides ample stability and arch support.

What we love:

  • Elastic goring ensures easy slip-on style
  • Brings in high friction on the outsole area for slip-free experience
  • Gel insoles ensure extra cushioning and support
  • Removable insoles for customized orthotics installation
  • Spider TractionTM sole to ensure superior traction
  • Perfect for broad foot and wide toes
  • Helps handle the extra pressure from Achilles tendinitis

Keep in mind:

  • Starts cracking around the toe area, might require shoe conditioning


Townforst for Work Men’s Slip and Oil Resistant Stanley Shoes:

Townforst for Work Men’s Slip and Oil Resistant Stanley Shoes

Ever had a bad accident by slipping on oil during work, especially when you are a professional chef who needs to be on his toes during the work hour? This shoe by Townforst is designed to address this issue in a jiffy.

Although this shoe is a unique design with ample slip-resistant features, it is only available in size 10.5 and black colour. So, this might be something you have to compromise in. The rubber-based sole packs in an athletic cushioning brought together from a comfortable outsole. Apart from this, the shoe also has a comfortable trademark Intertek slip-resistant Townforst outsole that reaches the highest standards of slip resistance.

Apart from having ample slip-resistance features, the shoe also provides ample shock absorption and zero friction inside due to its highly cushioned insoles. The shoe brings to you some extra comfortable hours added to your normal office hours. The lightweight design comes from the light insoles and a flexible mid-sole.

The shoe comes with genuine and high-quality leather upper material. This upper created from genuine-quality leather ensures you get access to a slip-free and water-resistant design. With its unique design, you get comfort, quality, affordability, and a degree of safety that comes from its industrial standard make. The shoe also ensures a great fit with its 8-inlet style for lacing purposes.

What we love:

  • Patented oil resistance andTownforst slip-resistant outsole
  • Comes with a removable insole with ample cushioning
  • Patented treads with micro-channel to ensure a slip-free experience
  • Adheres to ASTM F2913-2011 standards for safety
  • Holds on to the floor at a microscopic proportion
  • Ample arch support to ensure minimal backpressure when standing all-day

Keep in mind:

  • Breathability issue due to the design
  • Isn’t as ideal for hot summer months due to high moisture retention within


Shoes for Crews Men’s Freestyle II Slip Resistant Food Service Work Sneaker:

Best Slip Resistant Shoes 2021

Do you feel restricted when you move from one place to another due to those uncomfortable shoes? Ever walked with caution due to slippage issues that occur even in the dry surfaces? Well, for problems like these, the Shoes for Crews bring in a freestyle slip-resistant work sneaker that is particularly easy on the wallet.

If you are wondering what size you could buy this shoe in, Shoes for Crews is available in sizes 7 to 17 that cover most of the wide toes. Rubber soles ensure that there is ample friction below your shoe to withstand the slippery surfaces. This low-design sneaker inspires athletic performance with the inclusion of the ventilated lightweight make and slip-resistant feature. The shaft measures an approximate low-top right from the arch.

The Shoes for Crews also houses a removable cushioned insole that dissipates the extra pressure to the outwards of the shoe as opposed to being channelled inwards. Apart from this, the insole is complimented with a padded collar that provides comfortable wearability to ensure you do not get bruised or nicked wearing it for long hours.

In order to ensure that there is ample water-resistance, the upper, created from 100% synthetic, is treated for liquid repulsion. The design ensures the reduction of any trip hazard with a material that resists the absorption of any moisture or water content it is exposed to.

What we love:

  • Treated with water-resistant material for repulsion of liquid on the surface
  • Brings in slip-resistant TripGuard and Zone Traction
  • Adds a natural lift with the comfortable heel
  • Crafted for precision with premium-quality materials
  • Designed to withstand tough work shifts
  • Lightweight design that doesn’t put pressure on the foot

Keep in mind:

  • The arch area could have been a bit wider to ensure a better fit
  • Poor quality stitching


Shoes for Crews Men’s Condor Slip Resistant Work Sneaker:

Shoes for Crews Men’s Condor Slip Resistant Work Sneaker

If you are looking for a multi-tasking slip-resistant work shoe, this unique sneaker by Shoes for Crews for men ensures that there is a go-to option for you with regards to comfort. With a wide heel design, you also get access to trustworthy traction in places where it is needed the most.

Available in colours of black and white, this shoe can be yours in sizes 7 to 15 with wide foot coverage. The rubber sole takes care of all your footwear safety needs. The Shoes for Crews Condor sneaker offers a premium quality design that is lightweight, water-resistant, as well as ventilated. The use of anti-slip technology adds in a sturdy grip to your foot while providing enough traction for the wearer in need to be safe.

Apart from the durable outsole, the shoe also brings in a highly cushioned insole that can be removed if required to be replaced with orthotic insoles. The shoe also comes with a protective lining that ensures you do not get burnt due to the hot liquids that might spill on your shoe and seep within.

Created from 100% leather material, the upper has been treated from arch to toe to repel any liquid that might stand on the surface. Apart from this, there are strategically placed ventilation openings that help keep your feet cool and free from sweat.

What we love:

  • Strategically placed holes that keep your feet cool
  • Natural fit to adhere to most foot-sizes
  • Superior-quality SFC outsole to ensure slip-resistance
  • The protective membrane helps keep off bruising from hot liquid
  • The decreased fluid hazard that helps tackle slippery environments
  • Padded tongue and collar for an added layer of comfort

Keep in mind:

  • Threads in the upper tend to come off
  • Material isn’t as sturdy for long use


Skechers for Work Men’s Cottonwood Elks Slip Resistant Shoe:

Skechers for Work Men’s Cottonwood Elks Slip Resistant Shoe

Skechers are among the best athletic and lifestyle shoe brands renowned for their quality in and around different parts of the world. This unique shoe by Skechers, termed as Cottonwood Elks, is a bit different in its make. Going aloof from its lifestyle and athletic design, this shoe packs in a slip-resistant feature that is perfect for your daily needs.

The Skechers Cottonwood is available in sizes that range from 7 to 16 with wide and extra-wide coverage. The Elks shoe provides you relief from that constant worry that emerges from walking on slippery areas. The synthetic sole adds-in ample traction to avoid any sudden slippage as you rush to your work. Although caution is always advised, this shoe helps you relax your guards a bit.

Apart from this, the heel is an approximate 1.25” that is small enough to reduce feet strain while being high enough to make your walk feel comfortable. The insole is created from memory foam that modifies itself according to the pressure on your feet. To ensure extra comfort, this shoe has ensured end-to-end positioning of the insole with a bit extra room in the toe area.

The midsole is specially designed to absorb an adequate amount of shock and packs in generous support at the arch area for the prevention of foot pain issues such as plantar fasciitis. The Skechers Cottonwood houses a leather upper, which is popular for its water-resistance features. The classic closure style with a lace-up design ensures a snug fit with high-quality finished polish.

What we love:

  • Adheres to ASTM F2412-05 standards for protection against electrical hazard
  • Nitrile rubber-based slip-resistant outsole with high traction
  • Midsole that is perfect for absorbing access shock
  • Added comfort from padded collar and tongue
  • Removable cushioned insole created from memory foam
  • Roomier fit with the trademark relaxed fit design
  • Rounded toe front
  • Classic oxford design with lace-up front
  • Breathable lining with a high-quality mesh

Keep in mind:

  • Insole foam can be a bit thick


New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Slip Resistant (806 V1):

New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Slip Resistant (806 V1)

Looking for an industrial-grade no-slip shoe for your daily needs or workwear? With the New Balance Men’s slip-resistant shoes, you get the promise of durability and love, and with love, we mean that you will surely fall in love with this pair after you wear it a few times.

The New Balance can be bought in size ranges starting from 7 to 18 with wide and extra-wide make. If you didn’t know what makes up for a reliable grip-friendly sole, it is rubber. The New Balance packs in a high-quality rubber outsole that is slip-resistant and provides ample traction over the slippery floors. If you clock in long hours, this is the shoe for you.

The fresh-foam midsole atop the insole offers ample comfort even if you wear it from morning all the way to the night. The side support foaming is plush enough to ensure you do not have to deal with abrasion from long walks.

A unique factor about New Balance is the fact that it adds in a synthetic hypo skin upper that is targeted towards provisioning of flexible foot movement and support to natural leg movement. The upper also has a new sew overlay added to areas that experience the highest amount of foot movement.

What we love:

  • Well-designed treads for ample traction on dry and wet surfaces
  • A durable shoe with industrial-grade slip-resistant standards
  • The upper can be cleaned easily
  • Designed from use of the data for foot pressure distribution
  • Engineered for safety and comfort with adherence to regulatory standards
  • Slip-resistant shoe lugs for day-long comfort

Keep in mind:

  • Tends to be a bit tighter on your toes
  • Fit can be a bit wobbly for some; especially for larger sizes


New Balance Women’s 626v2 Slip Resistant Shoe:

New Balance Men’s Slip Resistant Shoe (626 V2)

Most slip-resistant shoes available in the market tend to compromise in terms of comfort when bringing in the slip-free feature. However, this isn’t the issue with New Balance Women’s 626v2 shoe. This shoe is designed for those hard workers while keeping things in line with the natural feet structure of women.

Available in sizes ranging from 5 to 13, it is designed to cover wide and extra wide feet types. The rubber outsole is designed for style, traction, and ample slip-resistant feature. The sporty shoe silhouette brings in a comfortable and familiar fit for day-long wear. In case you work in the food manufacturing industry, this shoe is just what you need to experience a slip-free day on your work.

The crash pad or ABZORB insole helps absorb the impact via a reliable combination of compression resistance and cushioning. The insole helps keep you perfectly comfortable even if you are constantly on the run during the workday.

The leather upper comes with a stylish make and is soft enough on your delicate feet, minus the added moisture that comes from lack of breathability. The shaft measures an approximate low-top for the arch area. So, you get the promise of style, water-resistance, as well as breathability. The shoe has ideally 8 inlets along with an added extra that can be used in case the fit is loose.

What we love:

  • Supportive non-slip design
  • Includes an internally-added shank to introduce stability
  • Provides traction and grip on different surfaces or floor types
  • Phantom construction lining to ensure added support
  • Midsole that molds with compression of your feet
  • Adheres to the ASTM D471-16a oil resistance testing standard
  • Compliance with ASTM F2913-11 for slip-resistance feature

Keep in mind:

  • The shoe can be a bit heavy for certain users (especially for the ones with bigger feet)


Skechers for Work Women’s Gozard Slip Resistant Walking Shoe:

Skechers for Work Women’s Gozard Slip Resistant Walking Shoe

Whoever said a slip-resistant shoe could not be comfortable at the same time, didn’t have access to the Skechers Gozard slip-resistant walking shoe. Although the shoe might not stand well for long runs or jogs and tends to deteriorate, it is perfect for daily use and work styling.

The shoe is available in sizes 5 to 9.5 with wide foot coverage. However, it lacks coverage for extra-wide sizes. The outsole is created from rubber along with a toe guard that adds-in extra protection against any abrasion. Add to that, the side gore soft panels for extra flexibility, and you get yourself a shoe that can easily be put on or taken off in a jiffy as per requirement.

The memory foam-based insole adds in ample comfort while protecting your toe against any abrasion that might happen due to long hours of wearing the shoe. Apart from this, you get access to the soft textile-based lining that adds into the comfort factor. The footbed is designed to take away the extra pressure from the toe to the ankle area.

The Nubuck-based leather upper ensures water-resistance for daily wearers that could be a big cause of someone slipping down. Apart from this, there is an added fabric lining to bring in the breathability factor. This man-made outsole design brings in the right grooves and ridges that help gather ample traction even as the surfaces start treading on the slippery end.

What we love:

  • Sole adheres to the ASTM F1677-96 Mark II slip-resistant standards
  • FlexSole lightweight midsole that absorbs shock while being flexible
  • Long-lasting stitching accents that do not wear off with time
  • Perfect for daily work needs
  • Tested for electrical hazard
  • Composite toe design that handles any bumps from random objects
  • Steel-integrated safety for the toe area

Keep in mind:

  • Lacks proper arch support
  • Not meant for people who have extra wide feet as the toe area can hurt


Feetmat Women’s Running Shoes Lightweight Non-Slip Breathable Mesh Shoes

Feetmat Women’s Running Shoes Lightweight Non-Slip Breathable Mesh Shoes

Apart from body soreness, athletes are also going through soreness and redness of feet. Have you ever stumbled because your shoes weren’t capable enough to prevent the mishap? If so, then you need Feetmat Women’s non-slip shoes to keep you safe and dry throughout your practice.

Available in sizes of 5.5 to 12, people with any foot size can enjoy the comfort and other advantages offered by the shoe. Fabricated using rubber, the outsole allows ample traction to prevent falling or slipping off. Being ultra-lightweight, the rubber sole doesn’t burden you with additional weight. The blend of rubber sole and bottom grain pattern takes the skid resistance characteristic to another level.

The pair of shoes also packs in a memory foam insole with great elasticity to provide you with the utmost comfort. As runners often complain of sweaty feet, which lead to bad odor, it’s given greater importance here. The moisture-wicking insole keeps your feet comfortable and cool, allowing you not to worry about bad odors.

As it boasts an upper mesh layer, it provides maximum breathability to your feet and keeps them supple. The woven upper mesh keeps your feet as far as possible from damp conditions. It doesn’t even let a drop of water get into your shoes and make your feet wet. You can enjoy a wet-free environment while you enjoy your run.

What we love:

  • The durable design hugs your feet properly
  • Multi-directional flexibility makes it great for athletes
  • Mesh layer allows ample breathability
  • Reduces the possibility of ankle sprain
  • Almost feels as if you’re barefoot
  • Four claws support

Keep in mind:

  • Misleading sizes


Shoes for Crews Women’s Vitality II Slip Resistant Shoes

Shoes for Crews Women’s Vitality II, Best Non Slip Shoes

Are you ready to face another challenging day at work? Wearing Shoes for Crews Women’s sneaker will make your day even easier. While it promises a happy day at work, the lightweight construction puts very little pressure on the feet.

The Shoes for Crews Vitality II is available in sizes 5 to 11 with wide foot coverage. Having a rubber outsole reduces the chance of slipping off by 90%. The superior SFC outsole will back each step of yours. The grove pattern also increases the friction between the ground and the sole of your shoes. Fitted with TripGuard mechanism, it allows liquid movement as well as decreases trip hazard.

In order to keep your feet comfy all day long, the insole comes with cushioning. Apart from extra-comfort, the extra-cushioning insole also absorbs shock and provides overall comfort to your feet. Whether you require it for running or use it during your working hours, it’ll cater to all your needs.

With one-hundred% synthetic construction, the shoe allows heavy-duty usage as well as water resistance. Equipped with SpillGuard technology under the synthetic mesh, the shoe repels liquid while keeping your feet dry and supple all day. Also, being very well ventilated it helps you to mitigate bad odors.

What we love:

  • TripGuard outsole with FlexTread
  • Opening are strategically placed to keep the feet cool
  • Removable and extra-cushioning
  • The lace-up design makes it appealing
  • SpillGuard mechanism repels fluid
  • Synthetic material ensures longevity and durability

Keep in mind:

  • Big sizes aren’t available


Crocs Men’s and Women’s Bistro Graphic Slip Resistant Clog

Best Slip Resistant Shoe

If you’re a chef, you know working long shifts is the most exhausting thing. No matter what, you have to get through it, right? There’s no choice in that. However, you surely can ease the burden from the feet by wearing the Crocs Bistro Graphic clog. It flaunts several bold graphic motifs to help the customers express their passion.

Available in sizes ranging from 6 to 17 in women and 4 to 15 for men, this shoe is a perfect example of easy-to-go design for daily wear needs. The outsole flaunts a synthetic construction with slip-resistant treads. Since it’s constructed with a material that’s a blend of EVA and PVS, it doesn’t leave marks of scuff behind. Even though it doesn’t provide as much slip resistance as leather or rubber outsole does, the chances of slipping are not high either.

The insole has been lined with padding of Croslite to provide extra cushioning. Apart from making your feet extremely comfortable, it also prevents sweating of the feet, making it slip-resistant. The best part is, its anti-microbial properties resist fungal growth. Contoured footbeds enable you to serve your clients with the best dishes without getting distracted.

With upper Croslite construction, the shoe also features an enclosed toe pattern along with thick metatarsal to protect your feet from liquid spills. It doesn’t let even one drop of water to get inside, leaving your feet all dry and clean throughout the day. Easy clean-up and lightweight design are some additional benefits of croslite.

What we love:

  • Soap and water clean-up is enough
  • Experience great comfort with contoured footbeds and original croslite
  • The slip-resistant grip allows maximum grip
  • Extremely light on your feet
  • Metatarsal and enclosed design protects your feet from spills
  • Bistro graphics allows one to express their passion

Keep in mind:

  • Not breathable enough


Buying Guide: How to Choose Slip-Resistant Shoes

With just one slip, you can lose the ability to walk or use your hands for months. Not to mention the catastrophic consequences of your head hitting the surface. Every year, fall-related deaths account for around 50,000 and are considered as the second common workplace accident. However, falls are preventable, thanks to slip-resistant shoes!

Having good-quality slip-resistant shoes will mitigate the chances of you meeting with such accidents. Not only does it save you from losing your life, but it also protects your family and your income. Here, we’ve given a complete buying guide to get the right non-slip shoes that suit your day to day needs. All the traits and characteristics that you need to look for in high-quality non-slip shoes are mentioned below.


Definition of Non-slip Shoes

The category of non-slip shoe specializes in friction between the surface or the ground and the shoe’s sole. These shoes enable more traction and reduce the possibility of you slipping off. You’ll have more balance and grip as you casually walk over any surface.

Even when the surface is contaminated with mud, gravel, water, oil, syrup, ice, grease, chemicals, food, etc. there are very low chances of you falling off and getting yourself injured. They help you to make a remarkable statement as they come in all sorts, such as boots, protective footwear, and sneakers.

Having footwear just because it had an appealing ad can end up putting you in trouble. Apart from costing your thousands of dollars, it’s also a risk. In the world of treacherous terrains, there’s nothing as effective and useful as a pair of good-quality non-slip shoes. Apart from an adequate grip, non-slip shoes also boast a lot many features to make your day as comfortable as possible.


What are you doing wrong?

While shopping for slip-resistant shoes, hundreds of people commit the same error. People settle for shoes of a brand that comes packed in a box with a tag of “non-slip shoes.” Just because it says it’s slip-resistant,doesn’t mean it necessarily works. Currently, there are no regulations or standards to define a slip-resistant shoe. That is why manufacturers are using the tag “non-slip” over anything. Hence, it’s proved that shopping by considering only the label, isn’t reliable.

The manufacture can print anything over the box, but you need to be smart not to believe false claims. Doing proper homework can save you from swindlers. You just need to invest a little effort and time to buy the correct non-slip shoe. Using a good pair not only prevents accidents, but it also helps you be more productive and comfortable at work.


Factors that you need to consider while buying Slip-resistant Shoes


There’s no point if your shoes provide you with great traction, but no comfort. You’re going to have a miserable time at work. As non-slip shoes are great for everyday use, you can’t really choose between comfort and good grip. With so many styles and varieties nowadays, you can easily get a combination of style, comfort, and grip without compromising anything.



Most of the time, customers blindly believe in manufacturers and pay a higher price for no protection at all. The price isn’t justified when there’s no benefit at all. Also, there’s no need to buy shoes with extra features. For example, a chef won’t need a pair of shoes providing gravel resistance. However, you shouldn’t just pick anything cheap. Always go for a good-quality pair.



You shouldn’t settle for an ugly-looking pair of shoes just because it offers your comfort and good grip. Whether you need a pair to complement your formal wear or casual wear, you can easily get the pair of your liking.



The sole reason for buying a non-slip shoe is safety. Get a pair of shoes that’ll ensure your safety in certain working conditions. For instance, if your job involves fieldwork, then you should go for a non-slip heavy-duty pair that’ll protect against ice, gravel, and mud. Buy a pair of shoes that fulfil your safety concerns.



The outsole is the bottom part of the shoe that touches the floor or ground and is also wrapped around the edges. Different materials are used, such as rubber or leather, to make the outsole. As your main concern is slip-resistance, you should go for outsole made from soft rubber as it acts best against grease and oil.



Midsole plays a greater role in determining durability. It supports the arch and allows the user to work harder by climbing stairs/ladder, heavy-lifting, moving quickly, bending over, etc. When it comes to supporting, different people have different needs. You can find out what’s best for your feet by consulting the podiatrist or your doctor.



The surface over which your foot rests is called the insole. Even though it has no direct contact with slip-resistant, it surely affects the “non-slip” factor by providing padding and shock protection. If your work involves standing all day round, get a shoe with memory foam, or good padding to provide comfort and maintain balance.


Floor surface:

The most important aspect that needs to be considered is the type of floor or surface of your workspace. If you mostly remain on the hard floor, you should get shoes with high traction and grip. On the other hand, if you’re constantly switching between carpets and hard floors, then you might trip and fall over due to higher friction.



With extensive use, their effectiveness decreases. Therefore, to take care of your wallet and health, you should always invest your money over a durable pair. Materials that ensure longevity and durability are rubber, footwear, and leather. Shoes created using synthetic materials wear down much faster.



The groves at the outsole that impact friction and grip with the surface are referred to as tread. Treads should flaunt deep grooves that will channel away contaminants from the outsole of the shoe. For frequent liquid contamination, narrow tread and softer soles are highly recommended. Independent lugs and wider grooves are particularly important for people who work outdoors to minimize clogging of the tread with debris.


Are non-slip shoes required?

Government agencies and researchers strongly recommend people to wear protective shoes during working hours. No matter how careful you are, slips and falls can happen anytime and anywhere. It can lead to multiple fractures, soreness, and in the worst-case scenario, it can even be fatal. While determining whether slip-resistant shoes are worth it or not, consider the following points.



Our joints lose their strength as we eventually get older. Once we cross 50, it becomes very difficult for our bodies to cope with slips and falls. Therefore, as you grow old, you should spend on buying a good non-slip and supportive pair of shoes for work. Not only do they provide resistance against slip, but they also enhance our balance and strength.


The intensity of the job:

If all you need to do is sit at the desk at your office, then non-slip shoes aren’t mandatory for you. On the other hand, if your job involves intense activity, supportive footwear is strongly recommended so that you experience a slip-free day at work. Apart from that, it also takes care of your feet by preventing soreness and redness.


Amount of time spent:

Your chances of slipping-off increases if your work involves being on your feet all day long. You might be only standing, but as you get tired, or feel down, it might lead to severe a fall. For instance, a teacher or a receptionist has to stall throughout the day. They constantly get soreness and redness of feet, which sometimes leads to falling. Using footwear with extra-padding and extra grip will protect them as they walk through the corridor or hallway.



Insurance coverage is one of the most important factors that people don’t pay much attention to. People having very low workplace coverage or no coverage at all have to bear the entire medical expense if they suffer an injury at their workplace. So, if your office doesn’t protect you with coverage, you have to protect yourself. Hence, regardless of what type of work you do, you should always wear slip-resistant footwear.


Wet surface:

Have you ever thought about the wet sidewalk which you take every day? Well, most of us aren’t even aware of how many times our feet come in contact with wet surfaces. We often walk over the contaminated or damp surface, and it’s so common that we don’t even notice until we slip off and get an injury. Non-slip shoes will come to your rescue when there’s a high possibility of you slipping and falling off.

All the money, time and effort are worth it as long as the non-slip footwear saves your life and your family’s support system. So, one should always look for the qualities mentioned above to experience a more comfortable and safer environment at work. Avoid getting into a world of pain and hurt and choose a suitable pair of non-slip shoes.



What is a Slip Resistant Shoe?

Ans- A slip-resistant shoe characteristically consists of a softer outsole that is prepared out of rubber, which offers better resistivity against slipping when exposed to a surface covered with water or oil, as compared to any other typical outsole compounds. This softer outer sole made up of rubber ensures that the shoe offers active resistance against a slick floor.


2-How do the Slip Resistant Shoes work?

Ans- The slip-resistant shoes have an exciting feature of interlocked treading patterns, which do not close the water inside. That is why the water on the surface is further channelled out away from beneath your foot, which enables the slip-resistant soles to come in contact with the floor and, thus, provide better resistance against slipping.


3-What kind of Shoes are considered Non-slip?

Ans- More often than not, people tend to consider the shoes with a rubber sole to be a non-slip. However, there are specific characteristics that determine whether a shoe offers resistivity against slipping or not irrespective of the product from which the sole of the shoe is prepared. One of the primary conditions for the footwear to be non-slip is –it should be made up of softer rubber material with a tread pattern, which offers a better grip with the subfloor when it comes in contact with moisture, oil, or grease. Also, non-slip shoes are designed by keeping in mind the very fact that they should be used for work purposes. And therefore, they offer great comfort and have enhanced shock-absorbing ability.


4-Does Nike have slip-resistant shoes?

Ans- Almost all the shoes that are produced by Nike are designed in a way to offer ample protection. Therefore, it would be safe to say that the shoes produced by Nike are generally slip-resistant. As a matter of fact, the shoes manufactured by Nike are quite infamous because of their ability to resist slipping.


5-What is the most comfortable slip-resistant shoe?

Ans- Slip-resistant shoes are essential in the areas where you are regularly exposed to oil, grease, or moisture. And the most comfortable slip-resistant footwear for work purposes is the Skechers Men’sFelton Relaxed Fit Slip Resistant Shoe, which is offered with a collar and a padded tongue. Also, the inclusion of memory foam inner sole makes the shoe evermore wanted.


6-Are Vans shoe slip-resistant?

Ans- The shoes by Vans are slip-resistant to a certain extent. Basically, the shoes produced by Vans are skateboarding shoes. Although these shoes won’t be the first preference for most people at least not for work purposes, it entirely depends on one’s choices and personal needs in picking up a particular shoe. But, as far as slip resistivity is concerned, they offer a desirable amount of resistance.


7-Does Clarks make slip-resistant shoes?

Ans- Clarks hugely contributes to the world of shoes and is also named among the top-rated brands for shoes. Most of the shoes produced by Clarks come with a feature of certified resistivity against slipping. The boots consist of softer rubber outsole, which serves as one of the top choices for work, school, or slippery-environment use.


8-Is slip resistant the same as non-slip?

Ans- There is no significant difference between non-slip and slip-resistant shoes. Both types are designed to facilitate walking or running. They offer ample assistance when exposed to slippery surfaces and prevent the user from falling or slipping. The terms slip-resistant and non-slip are closely associated and used for similar contexts.


9-Are Nike Air Maxes non-slip shoes?

Ans- The Air Maxes from Nike is not considered to non-slip shoes. Typically, when a shoe offers resistivity against slipping, the term non-slip is mentioned on the box or added to the title of the shoe. Though the Air Max range from Nike provides excellent traction, it cannot be included in the category of non-slip/slip-resistant shoes.



So, here you go, a complete list of all the top-ranking slip-resistant shoes that can be a part of your daily life while ensuring your safety. However, if you are looking for suggestions, we would highly recommend the Skechers Men’s Felton Relaxed-Fit Slip Resistant Shoe and that too, for obvious reasons. The shoe covers both wide and extra-wide foot sizes with a beautifully padded memory-foam insole.

Not just that, the nitrile outsole is OSHA-compliant for your daily needs. And in case you have used these shoes, do comment on your experience down below. Let us know how things worked for you and how we can make our review more helpful.

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