Best Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Running and Plantar Fasciitis have a long bitter history. It becomes impossible to run with plantar fasciitis, while sometimes running is the reason you develop the foot condition in the first place.

Don’t worry! This doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your daily run. If you find the right shoe with the right amount of support, nothing can stop you.

We have brought you a list of 15 Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis for Running that will align your feet, provide you stability, and even increase your performance.

Sprint through this review and a buying guide below to find your perfect fit.


15 Best Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Here are our best picks for you. The products have been ranked according to the benefits they provide and their likeability in the crowd. There’s something for everyone! Check them out below.

ASICS Gel Nimbus Running Shoe

ASICS Gel Nimbus Running Shoe

ASICS brings some of the best innovations on the table when it comes to supporting shoes. Due to the immense success and appreciation this brand has achieved over the years, it is safe to say there is hardly a reason to like it! The ASICS Gel Nimbus Running Shoe is among the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis on the market. Runners are often at the highest risk of developing an inflamed fascia, and a pair of shoes like these can be a significant step toward feet health for them.

As a condition, Plantar Fasciitis can make life uncomfortable and painful. This ASICS model flaunts a GEL Technology Cushioning System that works on your inflamed feet and provides adequate support. While the shoes make you feel like you’re walking on air, they also make sure to offer you enough sturdiness as you go through the day.

The product also features an IGS (Impact Guidance System) Technology that provides your feet with a normal gait cycle or stride, healing your feet. The AHAR or ASICS High Abrasion Rubber outsole provides a lot of grip at the sole of the feet; thereby, making it ideal for all kinds of weather. We recommend these shoes for a user who is planning to run more than 15 KM in them.

The reviews and ratings of the product online suggest excellent customer satisfaction, and according to us, these shoes are an overall good deal. Please remember that sizing can come off as a bit of an issue for feet with narrow-width. Otherwise, this is fantastic shoes.



  • Ideal for seasoned runners or those who run marathons
  • Provides ample support and cushioning
  • Enhances the normal gait cycle in your feet
  • Comes with a heel-clutching system


  • Not recommended for narrow-width feets


ASICS Women’s GEL-Venture 5 Running Shoe

ASICS Women's GEL-Venture 5 Running Shoe

Okay, we’re guilty of loving ASICS too much! At FeetFitness, we love a brand that delivers its promises of comfort, support, and durability. The GEL-Venture 5 Running Shoe is made with high-quality materials and construction that works from moderate to high activity levels.

Although plantar fasciitis is a foot problem, it has been known to notoriously affect the knees as well! People who have bad knees can quickly tell a well-cushioned shoe to one that isn’t, and they all agree that this ASICS model has a fantastic comfort quotient.

The shoes come with a GEL Cushioning System that protects against shocks and impacts. If your shoes do not have adequate space at the toe area, your toes will go numb within a couple of minutes into the running routine. A narrow toe area has also been known to worsen a PF condition and restrict proper airflow within the shoes.

These shoes have adequate toe space, and many runners have suggested that they provide them their toes the much-needed comfort. The shoes are also absolutely stylish, making it such an excellent pick for young and outgoing women. Not only are the shoes good looking, but they are also built to provide convenience to the wearer. The shoes come with a loop-in that doesn’t require you to untie the footwear every time you’re home after a great run workout.

You can easily slip them on and off as per your liking. This is again a great feature for people suffering from plantar fasciitis. Dirt caking is a big concern for athletes who work out outdoors, especially those who run on all the new roads. These shoes do not come with an outsole pattern that will allow the mud or dirt to get packed into.



  • Stylish and cute design
  • Enough toe-area to avoid toe numbness and discomfort
  • Does not hold up wet mud/dirt in the way of your running routine
  • Comfortable and supportive arches; ideal for plantar fasciitis


  • Slip-resistance is weak


Brooks Men’s Ghost 12 Running Shoe

Brooks Men's Ghost 12 Running Shoe

Some people do not require extensive support for their feet if they suffer from mild plantar fasciitis. These runners possibly have a neutral gait cycle and normal pronation. These Brooks Men’s Ghost 12 Running Shoe is an excellent choice for such users, and they can also be used as a preventive measure against developing future foot conditions.

These are an ideal pair of support shoes due to their lightweight yet sturdy built. Many customers claim that these shoes help alleviate a lot of discomforts, pain, and pressure from plantar fasciitis.

These running shoes provide ample support and cushioning to athletes who understand the foot problems attached to a runner’s life. They come with high energizing cushioning that is great for people who are into road running, gyming, and even cross-training. With the BioMoGo DNA and DNA Loft Cushioning, you can achieve the correct amount of softness from the shoes, all without compromising the durability and strength in the material.

With the use of a Segmented Crash Pad, your feet are protected against unanticipated shocks and impacts from walking (also check: Best walking shoes for plantar fasciitis). It helps you develop and maintain a healthy gait cycle, which is the duration between two heel strikes—allowing your feet to make transitional movements smoothly. It also comes with an engineered mesh that provides a good stretch at the fascia, lifting a lot of unknown pressure you might be putting on it.



  • Durable, comfortable, and reliable design
  • Segmented crash pad takes in all the unwanted shocks from running
  • Ideal for mild cases of plantar fasciitis
  • Made with BioMoGo DNA cushioning for added comfort


  • A bit narrow at the toe area


Saucony Women’s Omni ISO 2 Running Shoe

Saucony Women's Omni ISO 2 Running Shoe

Saucony is a footwear brand that has been around for more than 100 years. It is almost impossible to discuss running shoes and not mention Saucony. The Women’s Omni ISO 2 Running Shoe is a successor to the Omni ISO, which was loved by its customers.

We are impressed by the features provided by these shoes. The product offers you a balanced cushioning with the help of PWRFOAM midsole and EVERUN topsole. It also makes the shoes very responsive and keeps your feet healthy, even if you run fast.

The midsole is designed to handle the stress and impact of movements, especially during running. These shoes promote and enhance stability, providing you with a proper body alignment that improves your gait cycle (strides). It also comes with an ISOFIT system that gives you a snug fit, which is an excellent feature for runners with plantar fasciitis.

This doesn’t mean that the product compromises on the comfort or makes the feet feel confined, as you also receive a lot of roomy areas around the toe box. The midsole design also conforms to your feet’ shape and size to allow you the best fit.

The TRI-FLEX outsole We would recommend this product for runners who suffer from moderate to severe pronation. This means it is an excellent pair of shoes for obese people trying to fit weight-loss exercises into their routine. The product provides the best kind of support and stability and works well with people who have high arches. It also uses three contoured layers of foam to conform to your feet shape and provide you a cradled fit.



  • Comes with a balanced cushioning that provides adequate comfort
  • Enhances stability and improves body alignment
  • Ideal for runners with moderate to severe pronation
  • Provides a snug fit, and conforms to the shape of your feet


  • Not waterproof or water-resistant

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ASICS GT-2000 8 Women’s Running Shoes

ASICS GT-2000 8 Women's Running Shoes

There is something about this brand that has made its third appearance on this list. If you’re looking for a shoe that’s affordable, supportive, as well as durable, then look no further. The ASICS GT-2000 8 Women’s Running Shoes have been designed, keeping in mind the struggles of an athlete with rare foot conditions.

We believe it is among the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis that the current market can provide. These shoes are stitched with high-quality materials and offer tremendous durable wear. The shoes feature the ASICS GEL Cushioning System that absorbs all unanticipated impacts from running. This is beneficial for users who are seasoned runners and would not appreciate a foot condition making it difficult for them to hit the road!

The cushioning system also allows your foot a normal stride and improves your gait cycle (duration between two heel strikes). The running shoes are also incredibly lightweight, so your feet will be hampered with excessive weight during running, which can also worsen your plantar fasciitis.

Features like the FLYTEFOAM™ technology in the midsole provides a soft and safe landing of your every step when you run. This doubles your protection against another heel/feet problems that a runner is often prone to. Due to this feature, even a runner with an inclination toward the prevention against plantar fasciitis can wear the shoes. The shoes are available in more than two color schemes and have a pool of sizes. You can pick your preferred size as well as width.



  • Provides ample cushioning against shocks/impacts
  • Supportive and efficient construction
  • Improves stability and gait cycle during running
  • Excellent customer support


  • Comes off a little tight for wide widths


Salomon X Mission 3 Trail

Salomon X Mission 3 Trail

If you ask us, Salomon is one of the best brands providing athletic footwear gear. The brand has extensive experience of more than 70 years, allowing some of the best innovations to run, walk, and hiking shoes. The reasons for the brand to reach these heights are simple—Salomon provides not only high-quality products but also excellent customer service.

The Salomon X Mission 3 Trail is a loved product within the loyal following of this brand, especially those who often complain of heel pain. The brand is seen experimenting with many new technologies with this product and succeeding to a certain level. It starts with an outsole that uses the Contagrip® MD technology, which allows the user to wear more extended wear.

It uses a durable component that makes it easier to take the shoes to hard, soft, and even loose surfaces. This is for the runners who often love to be creative with their routine. It also comes with an EVA foam midsole that keeps you away from shocks and absorbs them efficiently during your run.

Having plantar fasciitis means that you require a shoe that is easy to wear and take off. If it isn’t, there is a possibility it will cause you pain. SensiFit™ upper construction gives your feet a snug fit by conforming your shoe to the unique shape of your foot. The quick lacing system makes the entire user experience convenient and efficient, while the molded EVA sock liner works for better contouring of your foot shape.



  • Made with brilliant bright colors
  • Provides excellent arch support and cushioning to the wearer
  • Comes with a removable insole
  • Roomier toe area makes running easier


  • Takes a little time to break-in
  • Not ideal for runners with wide foot-width

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Hoka One One Women’s Bondi Running Shoes

Best Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Hoka One One (O-nay O-nay) means ‘fly over the earth,’ The brand has been dedicated to being true to its name. This brand is relatively new and first received recognition for its over-sized midsoles that are comfortable and supportive. With the Women’s Bondi Running Shoes, they’re taking onto the entire footwear marketing and letting people know they’re here!

If you are someone who gets their high from running and was recently diagnosed with plantar fasciitis—don’t worry. We have found the right pair of shoes for you! The product features the Hoka’s signature thick, full soles that many people love. These soles give the shoes an exceptionally unique look, but runners focus more on the arch support, cushioning, and stability provided by the shoes.

This is one of the few running shoes that come with the APMA seal of acceptance, which means that the product meets the standards set of experienced podiatrists for foot conditions. The shoes come with a plush EVA cushioning that protects you against shocks and impacts from the running and helps you lift excessive pressure from your feet. It also flaunts an Ortholite molded insole that increases comfort, support, and cushioning provided by the shoes.

We recommend these shoes for users dealing with a severe case of plantar fasciitis who are considering continuing their running activity. The sturdy rubber outsole is durable and does not get affected by any pavement you take them to. The product is available in some subtle yet bold colors for you to choose from.



  • Comes with an Ortholite molded insole that provides support and comfort
  • Helps maintain stability on all kinds of floors
  • Manages plantar fasciitis and other foot conditions
  • Comes with the APMA seal of acceptance


  • Expensive as compared to other listings in the article


Brooks Women’s Addiction Running Shoes

Brooks Women's Addiction Running Shoes

Brooks has been in the market only since 2001, but they have been able to garner a lot of attention in minimal time. The brand’s aim is simple—providing high-quality shoes for millions of runners in the United States and helping them reach their full potential. The Brooks Women’s Addiction 14 Running Shoes bear an excellent example of how the brand works toward providing only the best technologies in the market to their customers.

The product is aimed toward the crowd with moderate to severe pronation, helping them manage/prevent foot conditions that arise from the same. You will receive the right amount of comfort and support from these shoes, and they’re also known for their excellent looks and responsiveness.

Take them on any pavement or surface of your choice, no matter how bumpy, and your feet will stay protected. This is made possible with the Brooks’ DNA Cushioning System, which absorbs all the shock derived from running.

Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar or PDRB has been added to the mix, and it helps in restoring your natural gait cycle or stride movement. This can be beneficial for people who suffer from overpronation, especially people dealing with obesity. Inclusion of BioMoGo cushioning and Heel-Segmented Crash Pad provides you the correct amount of support to make smooth transitions as you run (or walk).



  • Helps you make better transitions with a heel-segmented crash pad
  • Recommended for people dealing with obesity-related overpronation
  • A patented cushioning system that offers adequate comfort
  • Lightweight and great fit


  • Not the best looker


ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 23 Running Shoes

ASICS Men's Gel-Kayano 23 Running Shoes

Among the few long-distance running models, we bring you the ASICS Gel Kayano. This product carries many technologies on the table that haven’t been explicitly noticed in other models. It helps runners deal with the pain and inflammation of plantar fasciitis and all the shocks received by them during the activities. This is done with the Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel® Technology Cushioning System. It allows movement to the user and conducts a seamless transition during your gait cycle.

Other commendable features include the FlyteFoam® Propel Technology that is one of the patented foam formulas by ASICS. Many customers with bad knees confirm that it helps them get a supreme bounce in their feet while running. This, in turn, affects the entire leg area, especially the feet and knees, keeping them healthy and strong.

Another FlyteFoam® technology is used in the midsole area to increase the overall responsiveness of the shoes. It has been made sustainably by collecting super organic fibers. The product also features a dynamic support system that increases your foot’s stability and distributes your bodyweight equally.

Doing this will help you gain more control in your strides, and this system mostly benefits those who have recently been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. We say this because other essential features like mesh upper and gender-specific trusstic ensure a perfect environment for beginners.

The reflective materials used in the shoes ensure that you stay safe even during the low light hours. The AHAR® Outsole is just a cherry on top that adds durability and functionality to the product.



  • The comfortable and removable sock liner
  • AHAR® outsole increases the overall durability of the product
  • Comes with gender-specific trusstic for a more specialized support
  • Made with high-quality and reliable materials/technologies


  • Not ideal for someone dealing with supination/low arches


Saucony Hurricane ISO 5 Men’s


Saucony Hurricane ISO 5 Men's

There are many reasons to buy Saucony, especially the Saucony Hurricane. This brand has been one of the leading names in the running shoe market, making specialized footwear for people dealing with plantar fasciitis. It delivers many smart features that can enhance the running experience further.

The product features the ISOFIT technology, which adapts to the user’s stride and movement, making it easier for the shoes to provide stability. Along with that, an enhanced PWRGRID+ platform comes with an extra 20% punch of cushioning for durability and experience. We are sure about this after comparing this with some other products it has preceded in the company.

A support frame ensures that not only your arches but your entire heel gets support as well. The lightweight and comfortable design always makes other people steal a glance, thanks to the brilliant design. The product has already bagged the 2015 award for Spring Sneaker Guide.



  • Provides 20% more cushioning than previous products
  • Conforms to the shape and size of the wearer
  • Lightweight and easy to manage footwear design
  • Ideal for moderate to extreme pronation


  • Some customers are not happy with the upgrade, and say the brand has increased comfort in the expense of support


Brooks Womens Ariel ’18

Brooks Womens Ariel '18

The problem with flat feet or fallen arches is that nothing fits you! This is when choosing the right running shoe for plantar fasciitis becomes a little tricky. However, we must appreciate the efforts Brooks has been putting in offering support shoes for all kinds of wearers.

The Brooks Ariel 18 is one of our favorite choices for plantar fasciitis, and recommend it to the users suffering high to moderate pronation.  You will notice features like Super DNA midsole that is effectively about 25% more adaptable than the cushioning provided by a regular DNA midsole.

It makes your every step ultra-soft, safe, and protected. The product gives you maximum support with the help of the PDRB system, which helps bring your foot the normal motion when running/walking. Some of the features listed here have also been go-to for Brooks.



  • Provides a snug fit through the entire foot
  • Enhances stability and maximum support
  • Allows you to remove and replace inserts
  • Delivers the right amount of arch support and cushioning


  • Not budget-friendly for every user


ALTRA Men’s ALM1937K Torin 4 Plush Road Running Shoe

ALTRA Men's ALM1937K Torin 4 Plush Road Running Shoe

Altra is another notable brand that we couldn’t complete the review guide without a mention. This running shoe has been created to suit the requirements of men and women who would like to increase their performance without causing foot damage.

The product comes with balanced cushioning that helps you keep the feel and forefoot within the same distance, creating a shallow impact during your runs. It also features technologies like Footshape™ Toe Box that provides ample space for toe-offs. The outsole of the product has been created by the same technology, allowing your foot to pressure natural movement.

The Quantic™ technology ensures that the shoe provides plush-feel while the patented Altra Ego™ system helps maintain a lightweight stride. You will almost feel like you have nothing on your feet, but that doesn’t mean the brand compromises on quality. The Upper has been made with engineered mesh, which ensures a perfect inflow of air and maintains proper ventilation.



  • Gender-specific technology for a better fit and recovery
  • Laden with features that help maintain stability
  • Improves gait cycle
  • Provides a roomy area for the big toe to flex


  • Some customers complain the cushioning is a bit too much


Mizuno Men’s Wave Rider 20 Running Shoe

Mizuno Men's Wave Rider 20 Running Shoe

Mizuno is a lot like ASICS when it comes to running shoes/sneakers for plantar fasciitis. The product comes with a triple-zone engineered mesh upper that provides adequate breathability to the wearer, refusing the shoes to develop the sweat stink. It also comes with a cloud wave sole that typically takes all the shock waves from rigorous foot movements like running or brisk walking.

U4iC midsole, pronounced as “euphoric,” adds responsiveness and durability to the product. This revolutionary midsole is being included in many footwear designs, making them lightweight and comfortable. It comes with a thick tongue and snug fit; however, a few previous buyers suggest that the shoe has a narrow built because of the extra cushioning.

Please note that comfort and support have been claimed to be two of the most vital parts of these running shoes for plantar fasciitis. The Mizuno Wave Rider is a decent pick for first-timers and beginners in a workout!



  • Ideal for newly-diagnosed plantar fasciitis patients
  • Uses U4iC midsole to add lightweight comfort
  • Thick tongue and snug fit
  • Can be used for brisk walking


  • Sizing is a bit off


Saucony Triumph ISO 5 Men’s


Best Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

We believe that Saucony has come up with some of the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis, which is why this is our third edition from the same brand in this review article. The Saucony Triumph ISO is a good option for people who are looking for a bold design, be it a man or a woman.

This shoe is known to be the brand’s “most cushioned trainer,” We do agree with the claim to an extent—although we do believe there is a lot of scope for improvement. Similar to other shoes on the list, the product provides an 8mm heel-to-toe offset that can be noticed in the Hurricane model by the same brand (mentioned above).

Along with proper protection against shock waves that bring foot injuries and damage, the product also provides a confident personalized approach. This is done with the help of a conforming footbed that adapts to the shape and size of your foot, cradling it properly.



  • Not heavy-weighted; ideal for people with plantar fasciitis
  • Provides a right 8mm heel-to-toe offset
  • Similar to other models like Hurricane
  • Ensures a snug fit to the wearer


  • Delivery issues reported by previous customers


New Balance Women’s 847 V3 Walking Shoe

New Balance Women's 847 V3 Walking Shoe

The Women’s 847 Running Shoe by New Balance is another exciting option for women who are athletic and never stop. These shoes have been designed for wide female foot-width and work great for women with fallen arches. Since women are far more prone to plantar fasciitis, these shoes can help not only manage but also prevent such foot conditions.

The product is available in extra-wide and extra-extra-wide sizes as well! It comes with a cushy synthetic sole, along with a mesh upper that lets the shoe breathe. A foam-padded thick tongue is used to ensure a snug fit, removing the excess strain and stress your feet bear. The product is also well-designed and comes with the reliability of New Balance.

Due to the construction, the sneakers can be worn in hot weather conditions, but they may not be ideal for rainy days!



  • Provides enough breathability and ventilation to the wearer
  • A great pick for the summers
  • Comes with all the required features for a snug fit
  • Accommodates wide feet sizes


  • Not ideal for narrow-feet sizes
  • Does not protect against water


Buyer’s Guide

Gearing up for your daily runs after diagnosis can be difficult, and choosing the right pair of shoes will provide support, comfort, and style a tricky business. Worry no more! We bring you this quick buyer’s guide to help you find the most suitable and best running shoes for plantar fasciitis for you!


What To Choose Specific Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis?

Running and plantar fasciitis is two ideas that don’t mingle well. It has been generally noted that activities like running or walking can either increase your risk of getting plantar fasciitis or worsening it. There is barely a chance you will be able to carry on with your regular schedule with a foot condition like this looming on like a dark cloud on a sunny day. Many physicians and podiatrists recommend sticking to a moderate activity level to protect your fascia ligament.

However, if you wish to carry on with running, you must provide the necessary support and comfort to your feet. And then a running shoe that is designed for plantar fasciitis or other foot conditions will be the first thing to invest in.

These shoes will be able to supply better support to your arches, and not exacerbate your condition. It will provide you protection against activities that can strain your feet, along with ample shock absorption to reduce the instances of injuries. You should also expect these shoes to be constructed with superior material that is harmless for your skin and lasts for a long time.

Please note that it is still not recommended to run if your condition is severe or against your physician/podiatrist’s advice.


How to Choose the Best Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis?

It would help if you were picky when buying any shoes for plantar fasciitis. Bad-fitted and flimsy shoes are one of the prime contributors to the development as well as worsening of any foot conditions. We have mentioned some fundamental features you should look out for in your running shoes for plantar fasciitis, have a look:


Comfort And Support

Your feet crave comfort and support for better healing. Thereby, you should only proceed with a shoe if it has achieved these two primary qualities. Why are they important? Your plantar fasciitis condition is a result of the disproportionate impact you put on your feet, and a nice, comfortable shoe will help disperse this pressure. We recommend you look for shoes that come with crash pads which provide added cushioning, however, a high-quality midsole will do the job.


Heel Support

It is crucial to look for a shoe that will provide adequate heel cushioning. This is because many runners have a habit of the striking heel to the ground when running. This can prove to be dangerous for your feet. If you are a runner suffering with plantar fasciitis, you can benefit from a deep heel cup in your running shoes. With this, you will be able to protect your heel bone and restrict pronation as well as supination, problems that can add to your foot condition. A higher heel to toe drop is also a good idea as it helps redistribute the weight and pressure on your feet.


Arch Support

Supportive arches are always welcomed! With a condition like plantar fasciitis, all of your shoes must have favorable qualities that lift pressure from your arches. A happy arch equals reduced chances of overpronation and an overall reduction in the tension on your plantar fascia ligament. When you buy a pair of running shoes for yourself, you need to consider the type of arch you have, which is high or low. You might want to invest in shoes with a wide toe area if you have flat feet.



This is one of the most important, yet tricky characteristics of a plantar fasciitis shoe. It is essential to find shoes that fit your feet like a glove. This means both tight and loose fittings will cause you distress. Many shoe companies have integrated multiple shoe sizes in their products, so it shouldn’t be challenging to find one that suits you. However, do pay attention to the complete measurements of your feet, including width and length.



Nobody wants to run in hard and tight shoes, especially when dealing with a foot condition like plantar fasciitis. It would be best if you looked for shoes that can easily bend and get accustomed to your feet movements. This will keep all the worries about worsening your pain at bay.



Many runners who suffer from foot conditions either prefer or have been advised to use custom orthotic support. This can increase comfort and decrease the chances of aggravating the problem. To use a custom orthotic, you need a shoe that allows you to remove the built-in insoles. So choose the plantar fasciitis  insoles accordingly.



The type of usage of your shoe is what matters the most when it comes to buying for plantar fasciitis. Since your primary usage is running, look for shoes that are made with rugged and durable materials. This will ensure that the shoes you’ll be wearing are high-quality and will take pavement with your feet.

If you are an outdoor runner, you might want to focus on the quality more than if you are a treadmill runner. Please consider the nature of your running, whether it is moderate or extensive, and accordingly choose the perfect pair of running shoes for plantar fasciitis for yourself.


Understanding Pronation

As a runner suffering from plantar fasciitis, you need to understand pronation and figure out the type of pronation you have. Your body uses pronation as a technique to distribute your weight and impact while walking/running. It is an integral part of the gait cycle (strides). Understanding your pronation, or the way your foot rolls when you run, can help you choose the best running shoe and avoid injury.



An estimated 70% of the American population suffers from overpronation. Therefore, it is safe to say that this is the most common type of pronation, and it is also most widely noticed in runners. In this type, your foot rolls inward wherever it hits the ground and transfers most of your body weight to your foot’s inner edge. Within runners, the population that is more prone to this problem is low arches or flat feet.



Underpronation is also known as supination. As opposed to overpronation, your foot turns outward on every strike to the ground. This inward movement puts a lot of pressure on your lower leg, making it pull through a massive impact. Supination is seen most in runners who have high arches.



Neutral pronation is healthy and normal. If you have neutral pronation, it means when your foot strikes on a surface, it lands on the outer edge of your foot and rolls inward. This happens in a controlled manner and allows your feet to absorb the impact from the floor. People who develop plantar fasciitis usually lose their neutral pronation over time, which requires them to use supportive running shoes.


FAQs about Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Does running worsen plantar fasciitis?

Technically, yes. Running worsen your plantar fasciitis, but it is also one of the most common reasons some people develop foot conditions in the first place. This is if you wear flimsy and worn-out shoes that are unsupportive and hard. If you’re looking to run with plantar fasciitis, you can do so if your condition is mild. And, always make it a point to wear running shoes that provide ample cushioning and support.


Can you develop plantar fasciitis wearing running shoes?

Although you do not want to hear this, yes, it is possible to develop plantar fasciitis wearing running shoes. This is again because of wearing shoes that are not durable and comfortable. If you choose shoes with adequate arch support, cushioned insole, breathability, and flexibility, you might be able to save your feet.


How much do running shoes for plantar fasciitis cost?

A decent pair of plantar fasciitis running shoes should cost you anywhere between 100 to 200 USD. This cost variation is highly influenced by the material quality, built, features, and reputation of the brand selling it. If you’re lucky, you should be able to get an excellent deal on Amazon on a great shoe.



We hope this review has helped you find the best pick for yourself and give you insight into what makes a running shoe ideal for plantar fasciitis. According to us, the ASICS Men’s GEL-Nimbus 20 Running Shoe brings all the best qualities that we’re looking for together in one shoe. But to each, its own, so find your stride!

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