Women’s Guide 8 Running Shoe by Saucony Review


What’s it all about?

Running, live everything else in life can be done right, or it can be done wrong.

When done right, it’s amazing; the benefits are immeasurable and every time you finish a run you feel accomplished (especially if it took all of your willpower to get even out of the house), energized, revived.

But, if done wrong, and by wrong I’m talking about everything from your running technique, not warming up, not resting when your body asks you to, or not using good running shoes, it can either be dangerous on its own or it can worsen any pre-existing conditions.

If you’ve never experienced any pain related to or worsened by your running sessions, I envy you!

However, if you have, if, for example, you’re suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, I’m sure you can agree with me when I say that high-quality running shoes are a must to handle your condition!


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Plantar Fasciitis vs. Saucony Guide 8

Before I go on, a short clarification might be in order. If you’re not completely sure what Plantar Fasciitis is, is basically the pain you might feel in your heel or the bottom part of your foot. It’s not something that appears overnight (nor does it disappear overnight), there’s no one specific reason behind it, and everybody’s experience is different. I would encourage you to go and pay a visit to your doctor, so you can be sure what you’re dealing with and how you should address the issue.

Plantar Fasciitis is a condition that can cause great discomfort in more ways than one. Yes, there’s the pain, and it’s horrible to be feeling pain every time you take a step in the morning.

Still, after much consideration, I’m not entirely sure this is always the worst part. There’s the knowing that you cannot move freely. That you cannot put on your running shoes and just go for a jog, enjoy the nature or city, the wind on your face, the sounds, the movement.

Well, I’m here to tell you all you ladies, that there are ways you can deal with this condition, and Saucony has made it it’s mission in more ways than one to provide us with an amazing shoe – the Saucony Women’s Guide 8 Running Shoe for people having plantar fasciitis.

The “8” in the name means that there were generations before this shoe. Which basically means that there were years of research, design and improvement that led to this specific model. And, let me ask you, when are experience, vast knowledge and innovation a bad thing?


Hardly ever.

And although there is no shoe in this world that can make your Plantar Fasciitis or any joint/bone pain away just by wearing it (but if you find one, let me know!), the Saucony Guide 8 is an excellent choice for you to go on with your life and your running sessions as you normally would.


Technology, design and features that give you everything a Plantar Fasciitis patient needs


1.      Extra cushioning

It’s no secret that the cushioning is a deal-breaker when it comes to deciding whether we’re talking about a good shoe or a bad one.

The Guide 8 cushioning, made of PowerGrid material, and its even distribution between the heel and the toes make each step that much more stable, comfortable and pain-free. So you can focus on what’s going on around you instead of trying to ignore the discomfort or pain you might be feeling.


2.      SRC Impact Zone


This amazing feature is one that might just save your foot. Yes, I’m serious.

What SRC Impact Zone Technology does is it attenuates the impact every time your feet hit the ground. Which means there’s less risk of injury and the foot is better protected.

It even helps regarding stability, as it guides the foot through a natural gait. Which is great for you get when you get a bit distracted, and your foot hits the floor at a weird angle.


3.      The perfect fit?

Maybe not – in the end, we are all different, and so are our feet – but the FLEXFILM material Saucony used in this shoe is what makes the possibilities that this can just be the perfect fit for you that much greater.

With this material, there is much less need for stitching. And in a running shoe, that’s not a bad thing at all, since too much stitching can sometimes be annoying.


4.      Arch support

The way your shoe supports your arch is extremely important for overall balance and stability, and if you have a mild or moderate pronation, this is a great shoe for you!

You might wonder now, why am I mentioning it as number 4 and not number 1,if it’s so important? Simple – I wanted you to get to know the other features Saucony used in the development of Guide 8 since it’s the way they’re combined what makes for the high-quality arch support the shoe offers.



The good and the bad

Now we know the main features. These are the ones both Saucony and the running community online deem as the most important. But, there’s more to the story.

Here are the pros and cons:


What we love:

  • SRC Impact Zone from heels to toes.
  • Extra cushioning for all you out there who need it to deal with your Plantar Fasciitis, for example.
  • They’re made to last thanks to iBR+ Technology.
  • Great arch support for normal/mid to low arches.
  • An amazing fit – a shoe that feels like it’s made for you!
  • Light-weight.
  • Great for running on roads and tracks.
  • Perfect for long runs, thanks to the overall comfort they provide to the runner.
  • Available in different colors. Because, yes, running outfits matter too!
  • Available online and in stores, so it’s fairly easy to find.
  • Overall design (I’ve never heard anybody call this shoe ugly).


Keep in mind:

  • Yes, quality comes at a price. And this one can be quite up there for many runners. However, there are always sales to look forward to!
  • They’re not water-resistant. I mean, I wouldn’t go jumping in a lake wearing them, but imagine the rain catches you during your morning run. It would be great to come home and not have your feet all soaked and muddy.


Saucony Guide 8 – the best option for all the ladies with Plantar Fasciitis?

We went over the features, the pros, and the cons. The question remains unanswered – is Saucony Guide 8 the answer to your prayers if you have Plantar Fasciitis (or suffer from any other kind of pain)?

I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I cannot give you a “yes or no” answer.

In today’s world of so many options to choose for, there are plenty high-quality running shoes out there, and maybe one of them is a better fit for you than Saucony Guide 8. It can happen. And it’s OK.

The fact is that Saucony is not the only company that makes high-comfort, excellent stability and support shoes out there. There are others, many just as good, who are doing the possible and the impossible to give you, the runner, the best shoe for the best run of your life.

And that’s awesome!

You should take advantage of the fact that you have so many products to choose from. And so many resources to research them. Take an afternoon off, go to different stores, try every shoe you want to, ask for the store’s staff to give you their recommendation, think, evaluate, consult, and after you’re sure, get what works for you.

And while you’re out there trying different shoes, ask the salesperson to bring you Saucony Women’s Guide 8 Running Shoes. Choose among different color and try them on. Take a few steps up and down the store and decide for yourself.

I’m fairly positive that you’ll agree with me that this shoe, a mixture of great support, comfort, cushioning and awesome fit, is an excellent choice for runners, especially those who have Plantar Fasciitis. One that can help you protect the only body you have and improve its overall condition.

Because let’s face it, in the end, it’s not a matter of style, but of physical condition and overall health. When we are at our best, can we live and run at our best.

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